Roseanne Barr, Muhammad, and the Planet of the Apes

Roseanne Barr recently tweeted: “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” While the world was rightly offended at the tweet, what happens when we examine what Muhammad said about various groups? David Wood, Al Fadi, and Sam Shamoun discuss the issue.

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Thank you all three. God bless and protect you. You are doing a very good job of opening many blind eyes to how dangerous and disgusting Islam is.

Why? Cause Satan is running the world right now. He guides most of the world. He blinds them

Calling it out!

Her message was 100% correct. No need to apologize.

bigotry of low expectations is showing,oh its their culture,head hunting head shrinkers is also a custom u fine with that,baal worshippers sacrificing babies also cultural is that fine how about cannibalism,

Well Rosanne is nuts anyway ,always was probably always will be. Looking for any sense from her is a futile effort.

Jarrad’s treasonous face does look like Satan to me.

Sounds racist if everyone else is less.

i dont know how i missed this! wonderful angle on it. ive been a massive supporter of roseanne for many years and interact on her vids

I wish you would write the name and number/pages/verses in the description so we can look up and check this out… As a non-English speaker it can be pretty hard to hear when you speak fast. It took me five minutes just to figure out Valerie Jarretts surname, to understand the context.
I understand that you can’t write everything, but important suras and references to certain hadiths would be so helpful!
I usually have to stop - write - stop - write - go back - write again… After that I want to check those sources and it’s all in English…
For me, living in Sweden, Islam is important to understand and our political leaders don’t have a clue about what Muslims actually believe. Most people here think that Islam is like being a Christian and the difference is that Muslims don’t believe in Jesus. As you know nothing could be more wrong .
You are called racist just for trying to find Islamic sources to show them truth . My fellow Swedes actually do not believe me! And the biggest church here is inviting Islam to finding connections. It all makes me so sad.
Every Christian reading this, please pray for Sweden, it’s red alert moment.

I thought the idea David on Ambiant came up with was hilarious, I can’t stop laughing lol. But funnier yet the image of Sam’s face on the kabba. Priceless! I nearly peed myself.

In Muhammad-land, we are called “cockroaches”. This is applied to Christian and Jewish women as well as men. But Muslim men marry Christian and Jewish women. What man does not consider how great sex will be when he marries a certain woman. But if we are “cockroaches”, are not these thoughts the longings to rub “cockroaches” all over his private parts?

Meanwhile the word “cockroach” is “sarsour” in Arabic: you can put sarsour in Google Translate, and it comes back translated as “cockroach”. Hey, is Linda Sarsour really a Jewish or Christian woman?

Only one problem, even though EVOLUTION IS JUST A THEORY, in the theory it says that humans are apes.

Religion of hypocrisy
Religion of blood thirsty
Religion doesnt want to be criticize
Praise there goddes of war

God bless you David

Hahaha, what a joke these people believe

I don’t understand why black people say they’re Muslims after after studying the life of this man.

Early life and educationEdit

In a video testimony about Wood’s conversion to Christianity he has stated that he was an atheist[2] in his youth, and that he had run-ins with the law by breaking into homes and later went as far as attempting to murder his father at the age of 18, claiming a belief that morality was merely societal rules that were beneath him.[8][9][10] He also said that after the attempt on his father’s life, Wood was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder(sociopathy) and was sentenced to ten years in prison for malicious wounding. While in prison, he said, he was confronted with a fellow prisoner named Randy[10] who was a devout Christian. Wood said he often challenged Randy’s Christian beliefs, initially claiming that Randy was only a Christian because he was born into a primarily Christian society, specifically the United States.[9] Wood stated he began to read the Bible in order to respond to Randy’s rebuttals but it eventually led Wood to convert to Christianity in 1996 himself, and to eventually reconcile with his father.[10]

He said that after five years between jail and prison,[9] he was released in 2000 and went to college at Old Dominion University where he earned a bachelor’s degree. He later earned a doctorate in philosophy in the philosophy of religion from Fordham University.[11][12][13]While studying at Old Dominion University, he was challenged to convert to Islam by his roommate, Nabeel Qureshi (an Ahmadi), and went about investigating the life of Muhammad using the earliest sources, including Ibn Ishaq’s Life of Muhammad (the earliest extant biography of Muhammad); the hadith collections of Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim (considered by Sunni Muslims to be the two most reliable or sahihcollections of Muhammad’s statements, actions, and example); and the History of the Prophets and Kings by Al-Tabari (one of Islam’s greatest historians).[11] Concluding that the Quran and Muhammad’s example did not simply describe violence in the past (as in the Christian Bible per his assertion), but rather commanded ongoing violence, he took up the mantle as a Christian apologist.[11] His roommate Nabeel eventually went on to become a Christian apologist as well.[2]