Rumble Sues Google!

Rumble is suing Google for favoring YouTube in search results.

Here’s a link to my Rumble channel: Acts17Apologetics

For a lawyer’s take on this lawsuit, watch Viva Frei’s “Rumble is SUING Google for Anti-Trust Violations”: Rumble is SUING Google for Anti-Trust Violations - Viva Frei Vlawg - YouTube

For the Wall Street Journal article quoted in this video (“Google Sued by YouTube Rival Over Search Rankings”), click here: Google Sued by YouTube Rival Over Search Rankings - WSJ

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We need more small business owners to care more about this, the moment small business owners throw business support to better tech company’s nothing they will be able to do will stop the compitition we cant just accept well they can take them down, and I still want to be online. No I hate that Im even on youtube right now You look up anything on youtube even mildly moderately republican shit is banned or anti goverment, anti establishment your banned. Nothing worse to these guys than that they will praise a tyranical republican, But they hate even the dems that are anti establishment or anti tyranny.

I swear to Jesus over my dead body I will do everything and All I have to throw my support towards the good guys, and help destroy youtube, google, facebook, twitter. These are sick people. VERY SICK PEOPLE!

Did the search! Guess what happened? That’s right! Nuff Said!

Everything is hate speech except for what is said against Christ and his followers :+1:

Sorry David Google is not becoming tyrants they have been for so many years. Your right almost all tech giants with fake news is trying to restrict or do away with the First & second AMENDMENTS. They with the corrupt socialist government freely tells all what they are doing. Once the government takes all firearms this country will become communist. Open your eyes they are pushing there agenda. Everyone needs to read the socialist playback RULES FOR RADICALS, from the Clinton’s Obama all top democrats have said how they are following this book. Written by Saul Lewinsky. Obama & Clinton’s great friend, its the book to destroy the constitution. WAKE UP AMERICA, if the socialist have there way ppl like David will be sent to re-education schooling. Many in the senate and congress has brought up how they need to start and force the re education. Scary last days

In a video testimony about Wood’s conversion to Christianity he has stated that he was an atheist[2] in his youth, and that he had run-ins with the law by breaking into homes and later went as far as smashing his father’s head in at the age of 18 in an attempt on his life, claiming a belief that morality was merely societal rules that were beneath him.[7][8][9] He also said that after the assault on his father, Wood was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy) and was sentenced to ten years in prison for malicious wounding. While in prison, he said, he was confronted with a fellow prisoner named Randy[9] who was a devout Christian. Wood said he often challenged Randy’s Christian beliefs, initially claiming that Randy was only a Christian because he was born into a primarily Christian society, specifically the United States.[8] Wood stated that, while in prison, he and Randy frequently fasted, with Wood attempting to “beat” Randy at fasting, which eventually resulted in Wood being placed into solitary confinement under observation due to concerns over Wood potentially attempting to commit suicide by starvation. During this time, he began to read the Bible and participate in various Bible study programs in order to respond to Randy’s rebuttals (thus “beating” him) but it eventually led Wood to convert to Christianity in 1996.[9]

Thank you for your thoughts.

Ohh snap didnt relize it was this bad tried myself on Google pages with results from Youtube and some almost forgotten sites like vimeo but non from rumble

I just join Rumble. thanks for letting know of them

The lawyers must be loving this, cant w8 to see their faces when the AI replaces them XD

Use DuckDuckGo

Everybody, let’s try DuckDuckGo and Gab! We have to fight back.

Haha I can conduct my own experiment and it will definitely show google favors google products when people search! I use DuckDuckGo now

:heavy_check_mark:True Story

the play store will not let users download the app in some countries like the Philippines. Just checked still won`t let me download the app.

Lol i got blocked for sharing the 34th grand son

Google is a scum company but it was initially white conservatives who would be telling everyone that the wealth of tech billionaires is important to the world.

Google has been created by a capitalistic environment more often than not praised by white Conservatives and libertarians. It is David Wood’s ilk who in the past would have defended the obscene wealth held by the tech billionaires while socialists would have condemned them.

Rumble is cutting down certain content now. Bitchute now and forever. Like telegram its disconnected from the owner’s and basically just a hosting website. Like what utube used to be like.