Saajid Lipham Quotes a Lost Quran Verse (Holes in the Narrative!)

Saajid Lipham recently quoted a long-lost Quran verse: “If the son of Adam had a valley full of gold, he would like to have two valleys.” Saajid attributes this quote to Muhammad, but Muhammad and his companions claim that it’s from a forgotten chapter of the Quran. David Wood discusses the issue.

To watch Saajid’s video (“Dear Muslim Social Media”), click here: Dear Muslim Social Media - YouTube

To read Sahih Muslim 2286: Sahih Muslim 1050 - The Book of Zakat - كتاب الزكاة - - Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم)

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Islam and communism have one thing in common. Repeat what they tell you, no matter what it is, even if it makes absolutely no sense. And do not think for yourself. And if you think for yourself, the punishment will be severe.

:moneybag::dromedary_camel::person_fencing:Trustable messengers to recite:

:fire:-“Abdala B Silly related to us:
There was fires around Mecca! And it was said from Hashim, from allat to the zelat: There was NO fires around Mecca.”

But, lets be more accurate regarding greedyness:

-"It was said and eaten by a Goat:
-“If Adam & the prophet had only one wife to share, then the prophet will ask for nine or even more, and only the dust will satisfy him…”

You are just misquoting what you just don’t understand… Just to be prize and make money… That is a sunnah… They were talking about Zakat… But you just cut it…
Ibn Abbas reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: If there were for the son of Adam a valley full of riches, he would long to possess another one like it. and Ibn Adam does not feel satiated but with dust. 1413 And Allah returns to him who returns (to HiM). 1414 Ibn Abbas said: I do not know whether it is from the Qur’an or not; and in the narration transmitted by Zuhair it was said: I do not know whether it is from the Qur’an, and he made no mention of Ibn Abbas.

This proves that memorization is never a guarantee for preservation

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Still assuming n contemplating That’s not part of the Quran.

I have no idea what the message was here. I understand more and more each day why Christ spoke in parables. He did not want to be quoted, it was the message in the story that counted

@SajidLipham, you are finished. So there goes his career to the trash bin. :joy::laughing::joy:

if he had a valley full of gold it’d become worthless due to flooding the market and reducing the value

Well done man .I m from india .i support it

Prior verse probably helps

Each “he” or “his” or “him” needs an objectively best Biblical name read with it.

The Son of Adam is Seth.

This reminds me of something Solomon was said to quote. Something about striving for riches being folly , I am sure David would know. But I still think much of the Koran was taken from the Jews, which they got from earlier civilizations.

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David wood servant of the most high God, you are doing an awesome work and marvelous as well, God may the bless you much more richly and be fruitful forever in Christ.

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