Sami Zaatari vs. David Wood: Is Islam a Threat to Society?

Over the past 14 centuries, more than 270 million people have been killed in the name of Jihad. More recently, the world has seen bloody riots over a book, cartoons, and a YouTube video. There have been approximately 20,000 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11. This never-ending trend of violence has led many people to ask, “Islam a threat to society?” In this debate at the University of Portsmouth, Sami Zaatari and David Wood defend their positions.

david said your personal studies lmao got em

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Wow I’m surprised, the Muslim guy actually put up a fight this time.

It’s ironic the Islamic Tafsirs that are through the centuries seen as the most revered suddenly are anti-Islamic.

Islamic groups waging war on the Hindus over the border
108.00 gender inequality
Aisha and her nine year old came out ok :ok_hand:defense 108 versus 123.00
111.00 honour killing

Sami Zaatari disappeared from twitter… why?!

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Sami Zaatari means wel, but he may represent a version of Islam of only a small fraction of Muslims.

1:34:40 This is how Hitler treated the Jews. May be this is where he learned it from.

Is he deaf? David was reading from the Islamic sources with references. Maybe just too embarrassed to admit they are ashamed of mohammad’s teachings , :flushed::frowning::lying_face::imp::thinking:

This poor guy is struggling to defend Islamic violent verses but he can’t play around Dr David Wood.
He lost the debate big time.
Thumbs up to David Wood from Ex Muslim (Christian) from Pakistan. God bless Dr David Wood :fist::heart:

I think what we are seeing today in the UK and other heavily Muslim infiltrated countries proves David completely correct in the theory of three Jihad stages.

islam is pure hypocrisy

Imagine actually believing that Wood won this debate

The muslim is using Taquiya to deceive the audience. David Wood completely dominated the debate

I love to watch david wood next debate will be held in India

The sad part of this is they can even call this a debate. Wood is so concrete it’s not even funny. It’s like debating the sky is blue and Wood is showing proof it is with a photo Zaatari took.

Aisha was still playing with dolls when Muhammad married her- was that the proof Muhammad used to prove she was “mentally ready for marriage”?

the verses in the bible that are “violent” are written in narrative form- stories in 3rd person about long ago and their god. the verses of the Koran are commands.