Sami Zaatari vs. David Wood: The Message of Jesus and Muhammad

Muslims are required to believe in both Muhammad and Jesus. Yet what we read in the Bible often contradicts what we read in the Qur’an. Can Jesus’ teachings be reconciled with Muhammad’s teachings? Has the Bible been corrupted? Can the Bible be corrupted at all? Sami Zaatari and David Wood debate the issue at Imperial College London.

The thing with muslims with the bible is what’s good for their agenda they’ll accept and what isn’t they’ll say its been corrupted, this guy sami is a sore loser he probably went home and beat his wife

I was raised as a “liberal muslim” or as we say “werstenised”.
Moroccan background, born and raised in Belgium, religion was more like part of family traditions… my parent didn’t pray nor my mom wore the hijab, it was just the annual celebrations of Aid and a little learning of the quran by hearth, without the meaning,

I’ve always been looking for the ONLY actual TRUTH, i thought monotheistic religions were probably the worst : some kind of political institution rather than spiritual illumination and guidance. i became agnostic at 12, at 21, by the Grace of the holy spirit, i found THE truth, the way and the life : My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ :heart:

I hope i can learn enough from you David, so i can inspire and convince my family to accept the Good News of their redemption in Jesus Christ :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for work brother, may God bless you

1:34:55 with this logic allah never said that muhommad was his messenger.

Sami is so deceitful. He lies all the way. Misquote things, choose things when he wants to and rejects the same when it suits his narrative. Sami makes such shallow arguments. It’s pathetic that David did not get equal intellectual arguments. Must have been boring for David.

By saying that not the entire Torah is corrupted gives the Muslims a not-so-clever way of “selective gratification.” That is to say, if they don’t like or oppose what the Bible says, they claim that it is corrupted. If they had the original, they would display it and show how it is corrupted. Just claiming “corrupted” makes it extremely difficult to know what to believe and what not to believe.

If the original books don’t exist, how do you corrupt what doesn’t exist. Were the original books not existing during Mohammed’s time? And if so, why would Mohammed endorse books that were not existing? Instead of God “revealing” Quran, why didn’t He just restore the original books? I don’t find the arguments of Zami coherent. Instead of enlightening us, he makes us ask even more questions, and in the process getting confused. Some of us just refused to accept confusion.

John 8:24
“I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins”. (Jesus)

Jesus forgave people their sins because in due course, He was going to pay for those sins–and He paid with His blood. The fact that He forgave sin before He died doesn’t pre-empt the necessity of the cross.

End of the debate both Islam and Christianity,both built on towers of skulls over ocean :ocean: of innocent blood
Both are intolerant and hateful

One God is the source for intolerance and violence , God is antrophormic rooted in one’s culture values etc

More accurately it should be one infinite conciousness infinite energy

I almost vomit when i hear the name muhammad

1:37:05 David Wood owning Sami hard lol

50:20 like uhh… The Quran?

I’m a Christian because Allah showed me Jesus died on the cross, sura 4:157

“It affirms the GOSPEL, it never affirmed Matthew, Mark, Luke or John” you know, the gospel!

Four specifically requested bible verses from memory in one minute. BOOM!!!

فععلا من يتبع الاسلام ملعون كما لعن السيد المسيح شجرة التين التي لا تثمر ثمار الحقيقة

القران حقا انه كتاب الشيطان

المسلم ايفضل يكذب حتى نهايتة فى جهنم