Satan Hides in Your Nose (Fun Islamic Fact #6)

Muhammad ordered his followers to wash their noses out with water when they wake up, because Satan sleeps in their noses!

Here’s the full text of the video:

Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an, whenever jihadis go on a killing spree.

Sahih al-Bukhari 3295: Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet said, “If anyone of you rouses from sleep and performs the ablution, he should wash his nose by putting water in it and then blowing it out thrice, because Satan has stayed in the upper part of his nose all the night.”

Muslim commentators are careful to note that Muslims must really believe that Satan stays in their noses at night, because they have to believe what Muhammad said.

Even the commentator for this edition of Sahih al-Bukhari declares:

“We should believe that Satan actually stays in the upper part of one’s nose, though we cannot perceive how, for this is related to the unseen world of which we know nothing, except what Allah tells us through His Messenger.”

Notice that Satan not only stays in your nose at night; he can also be flushed out with water. So Satan is physical or can at least be pushed around by physical substances.

But there’s a problem. There are billions of noses in the world. The only way Satan could be physically present in billions of noses is for Satan to be omnipresent. Omnipresence, however, is one of God’s attributes.

Hence, according to Muhammad, Satan is either God, or he shares at least one of the attributes that are supposedly unique to God. And Muslims have to believe that Satan shares God’s attributes, because they have to believe what Muhammad said about the unseen world. By claiming that Satan has God’s attributes, Muhammad committed shirk—the worst possible sin in Islam. And by believing what Muhammad said, Muslims also commit shirk.

So, Muslims are following a mushrik and have become mushrikun.

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I think that David’s argument here is really dumb. As Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches, when we refer to angles being in a specific place we are not referring to them being physically present (angles do not have physical body) but rather as them influencing as specific area.

The second argument that David makes is that Muhammad says that a non-physical can be pushed (and thus influence) by a physical object, and because this is logically impossible therefore it must not be true. However, this doesn’t mean that a non-physical object can be influenced by a physical one but rather that it’s influence (or at least some of) can be pushed and manipulated by the physical object.

My theory is that Muhammad likely believed that sickness is primarily developed in the upper part of your nose. And thus washing it will prevent disease. Sounds silly but so do most of what Muhammad beliefs.

I’m not in any shape way or form a Muslim but we have to accurately represent our brothers and sisters beliefs.

Muhammad and Joseph Smith just keep seeming more and more like one another….could it be….Joseph Smith was a Muslim??? Alhamdulillah!

This is so funny :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I can’t believe the Quran says such ridiculous things.

Hammer wood gas suddenly became an atheist
Can you disprove it, are you not a Christian who believes in the Holy Spirit, angels, Satan, Beast666 who did not cone at the 1000 AD out of Babylon​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That is why my nose is clogged

We are proud of our prophet Muhammad pbup and what he said he is the true messenger of Allah and we are proud of what he said

Excellent job telling a great muslim joke. The music helped too.

Satan is not omnipresent. How can he be in everyone’s nose?

Muslims saying David takes stuff out of context like no amount of context can save or back up these statements it’s really that ludicrous…Jesus is Lord

The thumbnail got me​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

No kidding :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: love you David :heartpulse:

:flushed: WOW!! :flushed::thinking:. The land of make believe!! :flushed::joy::joy::grin::face_with_raised_eyebrow: SmH!!:thinking:

Hahaha…satan is the snot and booger that stuck in your nose :joy::joy::joy:

Islam is a side show Circus act. Guess who’s the leading Clown? Lol, moham

Algorithm comment

Satan is their god

So according to Muslim teachings, Satan is snot.

This really is fun facts. :joy::ok_hand::fire: