Saudi Cleric Says Women Can Refuse Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic (Free at Last!)

Saudi Cleric Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Mutlaq recently told Muslim women that they can refuse sex to their husbands if they are concerned about Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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I will be going LIVE with Sam Shamoun Friday at 8:00pm (Eastern Time). Muslims of the world are invited to bring their best unequivocal statements from the Quran to show that the Quran affirms the corruption of the Gospel. Everyone else is invited to watch us refute them. Here’s the link to the livestream: - YouTube

It’s a simple transaction :sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

It’s ironic that the second level of punishment is banishment to another bed. The wife could very well love that idea. Inside her heart she could be rejoicing. Now the trick would be getting yourself regularly banished to another bed and then reconciling with your husband before he beats you.

Ædol til Izlåm furk Christok doperdlu halzak!! Tunki David Wood!!

Maybe you shouldn’t add weak hadiths when trying to prove a point

David is far more faithful to the teachings of the Koran than Muslim’s are.

I’m not sure which is worse: Islam’s treatment of women or the media’s attempts to excuse Islam’s treatment of women. Excellent video.

I found this video interesting sir, can you make this video a subtitle? I want to share your video to my friend but i know that their english listening skill are not so good
Thankyou for your effort sir, gbu :pray:

“the truth will set you free” muslim ladies…here is the truth about islam…now its time to leave.

Why??? Does the Muslims men are sex addiction… I bet they are… Like Muhammad.

Very good true

Actually, Qu’ran says that a wife can engage in consensual sex. So yes, woman being servant of man is a twisted interpretation of Qu’ran.
In fact Qu’ran even states that woman and man have equal rights, men just have responsibilities for the women. What’s worse, all this is not stated somewhere far. It’s in Surah 2 if I remember correctly.
It’s quite funny that it would be later taken as “compulsion”.

Communism is mostly dead today, only a small handful of crazy academics & Hollywood actresses believe in it anymore. Nazism was basically destroyed in the 40s. A small handful of nutters might profess belief in this nonsense, mostly they don’t amount to much. In a generation most of even them will be gone I am sure.
Islam has survived for over a 1,000 yrs. & shows little sign of declining any time soon. Islam is clearly the most monstrous evil idea to ever be spread amongst humanity. Anything which brings about its destruction is devoutly to be wished.

“…someone’s got some issues-” hahaha :joy::heart:

1:47. Translation is twisted.(who put it together these false quotes).

Wife is a dress (not tilth),
wen it was asked too abdullah IBN Abaas "( buddy boy lol) , wat does Dress Mean? it is Dwelling(home)

The closing statement kills me :joy::joy:

Even if she is driving, she can not refuse. :joy::joy: i feel bad for woman of their world

As a woman i could never understand women that don’t leave islam where they can. It’s not about modesty, it’s based around sex for the women too, the fundamentalists, ultra conservative women are freaks in bed. They are prepared to have sex every night. No wonder they are starting to use the hijab on sexy women in advertising. They are obsessed with sex too but cover up to “save her allure” for her husband. But i feel extremely sorry for women that can’t leave and who are born into that. Explains why these isis brides have so many children and husbands.

The Daily Fail.