Scooby-Doo and the Case of the Silly Skeptic (David Wood)

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In “Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island,” the gang encounters real zombies and ghosts for the first time. But Fred explains away the evidence by appealing to increasingly absurd naturalistic explanations. In the end, even Fred recognizes that his explanations simply can’t account for the facts.

Atheists often call themselves “skeptics.” But when we consider the methodology they apply when questioning God’s existence, we find that the atheist’s methodology rules out all evidence for God’s existence even before considering what the evidence is.

In this video, David Wood uses some clips from “Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island” and some clips from his recent debate with Dr. Michael Shermer to show why it’s becoming impossible to take atheists seriously when they demand evidence for God’s existence.

7:43 - The Skeptometer is a good illustration of human nature regarding confirmation bias and disconfirmation bias.

Hi David,
May God continually bless, protect, guide, fill you with His wisdom and use you to reach those still in bondage to falsehood.

I have a question, if the Christian God exists, then why didn’t he show himself to every person, so that everyone believes in him and no one follows other religion? Is he not willing, or we don’t have that capacity to recognise him?

how do we prove and disprove truth of islam or other religions?

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Classic! I’ve heard several arguments like this back when I was in secondary school in Nigeria. They’re not applying their methodology objectively thus, ruling out any possible proof for God. I really hope and pray they all take of their blinds and come to know the truth. God bless you, Mr David.
P.S. I’ll like to ask you a few questions later, probably on Instagram or Twitter.

this vid is golden, God bless you

So imagine why the ET is not fringing on human free will or attack us even though we shoot their craft down. Hmmm I wonder how they became so peaceful :eyes::eyes:

If we are saved by faith, and we see proof of God, what would our faith mean, then?
I don’t want proof of God, I want salvation! Count me with the believers when the only proof I have is the Creation I see with my own eyes, and the love of the Holy Spirit in my heart. If I had a visit with an angel today, my faith would mean nothing tomorrow. Then, how could I receive salvation?

God needs to give us Time capsule so that we could erase our VICES & SINS before we could meet him in person in our graves & also in the judgment day. Nothing hurts more than our very own IMPERFECT FREE WILL.That is the least god can do to prove that he EXIST.

I learn Monoteist. They are: islam, judeisam and christianiti. I am Christian. They are protestant, ortodox and catholic. Precasli i am Catholic. Devaid old-catholic, greek-catholic and roman-catholic. Precasli i am roman-catholic.
Be-couse You dr. D. Wood, my fate in Christ, become strong and stronger. You strent my fate.
An oder hand. I have sociopat in my family. Be-couse that, i be-come hate sociopats. You slowly crash my hate throu -(angest/for) sociopats. I working on that, stil.

His arm is growing out! It’s a miracle!

Wrong! It’s Genetic therapy. Some crazy Christian scientists attached lizard DNA to his DNA and is trying to use his arm growing out to prove God exists!

See? There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation!

I have strong strong evidence that’s an atheist message generator exists. It posts to my comments nearly every day!

I have challenged the so-called skeptics replying to my comments to prove they exist. Their answers are always so boring and predictable.

Lol Richard dawkins at the end!

God bless you, bro David

Hello sir. I wonder is there an Accountability agreement beautiful if there’s a Creator God :thinking: I would have to give an account to them! Don’t worry I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me.

Speaking of skepticism. Did Noah’s flood actually happen?

This is seriously one of the best arguments!!

I once engaged in a rather long exchange with a young Israeli atheist about the Christian faith, God, the Bible, etc., using all the evidences in my arsenal. Nothing worked, so I decided to cut to the chase: “If you had absolute proof that the God of the Bible is real, that Jesus rose from the dead, would you follow him in obedience?” The answer, “No, my life is fine the way it is.” We are still friends, but I have since abandoned any attempts to “prove” the existence of God. Why should I waste my time?