Secrets of the Quran (Featuring Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi)

In a recent interview with Mohammed Hijab, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi repeatedly warns Muslims that they aren’t ready for serious discussions about the history and preservation of the Quran. Dr. Qadhi openly declares that discussions of the core problems related to the issue of Quran preservation should never be discussed publicly. What are Muslim scholars and apologists trying to hide? What is the relationship between the Ahruf, Qiraat, and the Uthmanic recension? Why can’t this discussion be open to the public? Why so many secrets?

To watch the full discussion with Hijab (“In the Hot Seat: Muḥammad Hijab Interviews Dr. Yasir Qadhi”), click here: - YouTube

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not first, sad face. Have been thinking that instead of saying that “there are holes in the standard narrative” it would be more appropriate to say “There is a HUGE HOLE with some standard narratives in it”…

Intelligent people recognize double talk BSing.

Well Islam teaches you to lie … taqiyah…and they call Islam a religion …it’s not it’s a cult …ask Yasir khadi

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Don’t do any deep dives… it seems to be confusing(for everyone). And even if you don’t go deep- it is confusing anyway.

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Our religion can be discussed openly in public but not Islam. Islam is hiding the truth.
There are HOLES in the narrative. Too many different Quaran. That is why Quaran was only written in 1924 in Cairo , Egypt by a group of scholars base on HAFS text. Made and written by men = Quaran.