Seth Dunn’s “Pulpit and Pen” Hit Piece on Nabeel Qureshi

Seth Dunn is a Christian blogger who writes for “Pulpit and Pen,” a website founded by JD Hall that claims to promote “discernment.” Dunn recently posted an article titled: “Resetting the Evangelical Mindset on Nabeel Qureshi.” Since Dunn’s hit piece on Nabeel Qureshi is filled with blunders, we can only wonder how the writers for “Pulpit and Pen” have convinced themselves that they are champions of “discernment.”

In this video, David Wood goes through Dunn’s entire article, point by point, showing that Dunn’s attacks against Nabeel Qureshi are based on sheer ignorance. Because Dunn is planning to run for President of the Southern Baptist Convention, his lack of discernment should be a concern for Christians.

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Seth Dunn’s Hit Piece on Nabeel Qureshi: Resetting the Evangelical Mindset on Nabeel Qureshi

There’s an ad on Pulpit & Pen saying “Play Together, Win Together”. How nice it would be if other Christians spent more time in agreement on basic core doctrines. Thanks David!!

Damn!! David is very thorough…brutal… I hope Seth Sees this

Damn!! David is very thorough…brutal

Seems to me Seth is a jealous and coveting man who is going down a slippery slope. God usually humbles fools like Seth .

Bravo David! The little i read and videos of pulpit & pen shows their lack of discernment!Your channel perked my interst in apologetics and loved it so.

The SBC is heretical!

Seth Dunn is a meme.

I don’t like this dude Seth :cry:

Islam is a satanic horrible cult

David, sorry that I discovered this video only now, but better later than never. May God bless you for being a decent Christian friend and defending Nabeel in the manner that you do. God used Nabeel to bring me to Christ, ( and God used you), because like him I, too was blinded by that same cult. I miss him!
What would Yeshua, our Lord and Savior tell Seth? Could it be that Seth, secretly said the “Shahada,” unbeknownst to us all?

Who is watching in 2021 Glory be to God almighty

I’m interested to this Pulpit and pen. Good thing, this video shows up when I search it in YT. What I learned is, Bro. Seth, you need an editor.

Oh, you’re the editor. Please, change your career. Muslims will praise you. They love you so much.

I’m not saying David is wrong here but just “throwing the baby out…” because Seth is ungracious on his points. Seth is on point on some of his points he’s making concerning Nabeel. I don’t know any of yous but I look at the subject matter over the messengers. Look at what’s being said over prejudices be just. I do use my words to express so don’t correct such as yous, etc.

Messing up is just fine and all but sounds like there is too much ecumenicalistic activity going on. Beware of false teachers/profits all the new testament excepting Philemon warn of them so…

Associations do matter and some of those guys dead and or alive didn’t age well David Wood.
Jus’ Sayin’. Some are truly Heretics. The ole addage “I put just a little dog poo in the brownie mix”. Ravi the Mesaage man went to the Mormon HQ and philosophized, mm mmm mmm!

Seth, the name of demon who wrote a book.

“Come at me bro”:muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

“Thinking ahead while your mouth is on autopilot”. Good one!

I can’t stand wannabe christians like this seth twat.
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven".