Shabir Ally Deceives Viewers about Muhammad, John the Baptist, and Jesus

Most Muslim claims about Muhammad in the Bible are just plain silly. But this argument by Shabir Ally is based on nothing short of deception. There’s no way Shabir can read these verses in context and not realize that he is misleading his Muslim viewers. Absolutely shameful. Is this what Islam teaches Muslims to do?

Maybe Jesus was just being polite. “He is the greatest except me” that sounds more like Muh.

All Islam has is deception like their god and fake prophet

Stupid shabir Ally

Shabir is a deceiver just like his allah and MohMad :rage:

“The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. This is he of whom I said, After me cometh a man which is preferred before me: for he was before me.”

  • John 1:29-30 KJV

Act17Apologetic Dr David, what is the difference between Old Testament and New Testament…? Because some of my Muslim friends claim the Old Testament is the original one and the new testament is man made…

Ooo! Davi you are deciving yourself with so many proofs from your bible…you sound like a broken cd stuck at one point… Jesus was one of the prophets… And Prophet Mohammad the last prophet was send not just for the MUSLIMS but for the entire HUMANITY of the world of all religion…YOU DONT WANT TO EXCEPT PROPHET MUHAMMAD ITS YOUR FREE WILL NO ONE CAN FORCE YOU OR ANYONE TO ( DOES JESUS OR YOUR BIBLE GUIDE YOU TO DEBGRADE SOMEONE AS YOU ARE DOIN) I DONT THINK THATS THE TEACHING OF JESUS OR YOUR BIBLE NO ONE IS SUPERIOR IN THE EYE OF ALLAH ITS THE GOOD DEEDS…

Mohammad not greater not even a profit

shabir is confused, how can conmemed the book of john some times and stills wants to prove your Mohammed from the same book of john?

So what Shabir is actually saying according to his methodology,is that John the Baptist is greater than the son born of a woman -Mohamed

Look David, no need to waste your time on this please. Shabir is a disgrace.

Well done my brother David… may Lord Jesus bless you more and more…

11:22 pastor is dying of laugh HAHAHAHAHA

One main things is… Muhammed also born of women :joy: :joy: so how can he greater than John the Baptise

Prophecy is prophecy, Christ told us before time that MANY WILL BE DECEIVED… GUYS MANY !..If many be not deceived then Christ Jesus will be a lair .

David, look again. You are the one who turns out to be the contradictor. You introduced the islamic deceiver as “very intelligent”. Even an ordinarily intelligent man does not commit the sort of blunder this man has committed. Please stop calling this idiot an intelligent. You are only feeding his delusion. And the muslims think they have got themselves an incarnated mohammad. This man gets all his ideas from the western “leftovers” and uses them as his own. He is just like his prophet : deceiving, lying compulsively and a man totally devoid of intellectual integrity. The only thing that keeps growing in him is the mohammedian beard.

I was just reading the verse and came across to this. Will Elijah be one of the 2 witnesses during the tribulation ? (Rev 11:3-12)

My muslim brothers and sisters, you must accept Jesus as your God , or forever burn in the lake of fire, save yourselves now.

Another very good video David. This guys shabir is making himself look totally dumb and stupid…