Shabir Ally, the Quran, and the Village of the Apes and Swine: Part 1 (Anthony Rogers)

In the Quran, Allah declares that various law-breakers were transformed into apes and pigs. Since Muhammad was known for plagiarizing stories from Jews and Christians, we may wonder where Muhammad heard fables about Allah miraculously disfiguring people. In “Shabir Ally, the Quran, and the Village of the Apes and Swine,” Anthony Rogers investigates.

Jasher 9:35 “Those who said, We will ascend to heaven and serve our gods, became like apes and elephants”

That imam is so proud to say Allah will turned them into swines🤣 WTH

why all this hate about islam
seeing this kinda of comments make me proud that i’m a muslim <3 <3 <3 because i like jealous peoples HAHA
i pity you

So from what i see they insulting allah and say praise to jesus while they also says jesus and the father and holy spirit are one
they don’t even know that allah is the father
it’s just illah means GOD allah means the one true GOD that’s it
what a stupid christians and atheist so judgmental they judge without even read anything what a hate HAHAHAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue:
find the truth yourself and stop showing hate empty your mind and focus

Only IsLam is a true religion on in th whole world. Therefor the man who onto any religion he convert himself into islam. This is the prevail and conquest of islam, islamic thinking, islamic ways islamic doctrine the world histaory A man A faimily a town who Adhere to islam not seen he convert himself themself convert into any other religion. This is the prevail and caonquest of isLaam. ALHAMDULILLAH
Please don’t be jellous.

Making a mock out of the ear!

Keep mocking Islam. You are far from understanding basic religion.
When your souls reach your throats, and you hear a voice saying, who will cure(wrap) this soul, then you all shall come to know that Allah is the true one God and the Quran was indeed from Him.

why quran written after 200 years latter mr mohammed killed :female_detective::shushing_face::shushing_face::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Muslims are religious heroes and scientific zeros. They’ve invented nothing in the last 500 years.

Tovia Singer is a knowledgeable Jew, he is a Rabbi and comments on this matter… you can check that out as well

He quotes the Quran, and makes commentary on it, how can people argue against that? Cant disagree with what js said in the quran anyone can read it, the only point to argue about is the interpretation of the scripture itself. I believe his interpretation is justified, along with David Woods

Shabir Ally will not live long with all that satanic hatred inside of him. Islam is the religion of Satan. May ACTS17 ministry continue to produce fruits of Yahushua.

How can anyone with Half a brain follow such garbage called Islam.

How funny the Islamic Qur’an and Allah full of simpleton childish ideas like ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon show, like ‘Micky and Mimi Mouse’ cartoon show without any depth of Philosophical and logical principles.

full comedy

Clearly #IslamSucksBalls and any person who believes Islam is an idiot!



Can’t wait for part two

I just realised part two deals with my questions.