Shamsi Helps Ali Dawah Prove Islam Is a Gang or Cult (Speakers' Corner Drama)

Ali Dawah compares Salafi Muslims to a gang or a cult due to their beliefs and practices. However, Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, displayed precisely the same views and tactics. Hence, according Ali Dawah (with some help from Shamsi, Shaykh Abu Safiyyah Mohammed Osman, and Mohammed Hijab), Islam is like a gang or a cult. The drama continues at Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner. Anthony Rogers discusses the issue.

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The thing that bother me a lot nowadays is why are there so many Islam youtuber than Christian, as a Christian we must try our best to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ more times than this muslim youtuber… Sometimes I envy these Islam youtuber they are working their asses off. To spread this lies, so brother and sister in Christ stand up in the name of Christ and stop these deceiving words amen

“Ice-T – Colors” (song in the video :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

Yeah, this is how you gutless preach, with lies and editing while your ppl are leaving your religion because u can’t provide any answers neither for them nor for you! Lol

Bro are You dumm or are you dumm. First of all those two hadiths that you mentioned are 100% percent sahih’s, but that’s completley diffrent from a cult.

0:29 I’m dead lol, :rofl::laughing:.

Islam is a drugs cartel without the drugs.

The thumbnail was hilarious, yes divisions galore fuelled by ignorance and pure ego,
BUT not very fair for your viewers to try pinning ego and ignorant personalities as a”fault “ of Islam,
It’s a universal characteristic in every section of society/ religious groups , but yeh good job with the hoodwinking

According your believe its okay to be a God and be beating by romans :sweat_smile:

Jesus said the only god is the father :sweat_smile:

Jesus is not a God he didnt knew the hour in the bibel

A “religion of peace” wouldn’t have an enemy. But it means Submission and not peace. It needs an enemy to endlessly submit. In that case when everyone is “Muslim” then it collapses!! This is one of the most amusing posts I have seen in a while. And one which confirms my views on what Islam is.

Ali looks like my neighbour kid Aaron.

Former Malaysian prime minister said Muslims must unite and attack the Jews. Jews and Israel are used as the common enemy to unite behind. The hatred keeps the Islamic world backwards.

Ali dawah is the definition of a weasel

Shut up clown lol. Your words will not prevent the spread of Islam. “They want to turn of the light of Allah with their words, but Allah refuses except to complete his light no matter how much the disbelievers dislike it”. Keep barking online to your naive followers because you know you will be humiliated for life and be exposed for the ignorant rat you are like David wood was.

“We need an enemy”
“If you leave us, we’ll kill you”

Islam is a religion of peace…?.:grimacing:

That is not part of the quran
Have a debate with Ali dawah and you will know the truth of Islam you son of a bitch

ALLAH sees what we do. Rest assured you will be dealt with accordingly by ALLAH. You cannot dimminish his light. He is your sustainer. Shame on you. Repent to ALLAH before it is too late for you.