Short Update

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Big fan of your videos ! Love every video you post. God bless you and your family !

David thx so much for all your work - have a good rest friend =^) =^)

Hello Mr Woods,
i have wathched many of your Videos, i have been all my Life Muslim.
you have to me many new Information about Islam showed, which i didnt know. now i am a little confused and pray every Day for the Truth to descover.
i thank you for your work. God bless you.

I just saw one of your videos today for the first time ever. Totally subbed. Do you have any videos on how you grew from an atheist to a Christian. Like what you did to be so steady? Love your stuff so far. Thank you again :slight_smile:

David Wood, I am looking forward to celebrating your 100,000 subscriber mark…and for Epic Video Week!

David is definitely my favourite Christian.

Regards, a heathen.

I appreciate all your efforts. Rest well.

Dear David God bless you & all… U r doing very fantastic job… the way u talk and make us understand everything is so beautiful… I believe & love Jesus Christ. Jesus loved u so much that’s why u are here…I love to hear u… thank you very much u r really blessed person.

I wish I could subscribe again to bring you to 100,000 subs sooner!

Thanks for all you do, brother!! 100k in 20 days!!!

Hey David, could you link me to the Quran, Hadiths and Sunnah parts about Burqas and so on? If you have a video about it i have missed i would like that to :smiley:
Im having issues with finding verses on this that can’t easily just be ignored in a debate.
33:59 in the quran is the main one i bring up since it specifically says if they don’t cover up they can be abused.

Hum I thought I was talking with David himself. But thanks

Love you David!! Hope you had a great time with your kids :slight_smile:

YAAAAAAYYYY!!! Debates and EPIC Video Week!

We love you David. Your work bringing truth out to a crazy world really helps many people. Thank you !

Thanks for the update!

Hello David, I watched the video where you had hit you daddy in the head with a hammer and that road lead you to prison which in the long run lead you to Jesus. I was wondering do you need medal to help you these days, or is the Lord enough? Just wondering and there is no shame.

Congratulations on 100k subs, David! If I had to pick between you and Shermer to get a beer with, it’d be you, even though I’m a heathen atheist.

Hello David, be blessed.