Should Amazon Stop Selling the Quran? Congressman Keith Ellison Says "Yes!"

Congressman Keith Ellison (a devout Muslim) recently sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, demanding that the company stop selling products that promote religious intolerance, violence, hatred, or racism. But since the Quran promotes religious intolerance, violence, etc., wouldn’t this mean that Congressman Ellison is ordering Amazon to stop selling the Quran? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Hate = hate

It’s a book of disgusting ideology fits only criminal minds, hateful hearts, sociopath and psychopath people like its founder. What amazes me is that a percentage of this cult will have very high educational degrees e.g. masters or PHDs and yet believe that a pedophile and a thug like him can be called a prophet which it may show that their IQ is with no doubt of ZERO.

I’m a proud mushrikûn

On the other hand David is damm brilliant in his apologetic polemics.

Ellison is a duplicitous hypocritical fool. Who doesn’t know this?

Lmao southern poverty law center

Al Hamdu Lillah, I am the writer of my own book about The Holy Quran and I have named it as “19 Scientific Miracles Never Told Before”. All I want someone to guide me how can I upload this E/Book on Amazon. I can share my few research to the one who will help me to go through this process of Amazon Kindle In Sha Allah…

Qur’an is my life.

Liberals and logic don’t mix.

Ban the bible as well.

400 Dislikes :roll_eyes: hmm

I say no

LOL, truth is more important than feelings. Clearly we have a problem that will hurt feelings, either one group or another… I think congressman should discuss truth with David, rather than use his political power to suppress those who he disagree with

No they should not ban it. They should put a warning on it like the do with cigarettes. “This product is known to cause spiritual cancer”

Democrats: Republicans and Trump supporters are fascists!
Also Democrats: Burn the books I disagree with! Silence, censor, and cancel my opposition!

Thank you david, and thank you for the excellent work that you do, you have educated so many muslims about their is own book. And I personally learned a lot from you. The more I listen to you the more islam doesn’t go make any sense. Soon I will take my christian shahada.

You go David… Call them hypocrites out for what they really are… Double standard vipers… they strain at a gnat but they continuously swallow camel’s. Adulterous generation. Jeff Bezos you are wicked

If only they were merciful ‘among themselves’. Wouldn’t the world be a peaceful place…!