Should Christians Pray for Putin?

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham recently caused an uproar on Twitter when he told his Christian followers to pray for Russian President Vladimir Putin and other leaders so that war in Ukraine can be avoided. Should Christians pray for people like Vladimir Putin? David Wood discusses the issue.

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You hit the nail on the head about social media’s manipulation of the masses.

The real question is, should Allah pray for the prophet?

I would pray for Biden first because his poor decisions won’t only cost Americans but the whole world.

“He’s not MY leader”

but of course, yes. :pray:

Thank you David Wood

In my church we have been praying GODˋs intervention and for Putin not to go to war.
Now we pray for Selesky to stop war mongering and to stop him for starting WW lll

I actually do pray for Putin, his soldiers and Zelensky and his soldiers

Matthew 5:44
“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.

As far as Ukraine, it has been in a bloody civil war since 2014 because the current government has been murdering Ukrainian civilians of Russian language and culture.

If we are talking on living leaders who have reeked death and misery to pray for wisdom and repentance then we should be praying for Hillary, Obama and Bush. These people caused the death of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of functioning nations while misleading their populations to do this using misinformation.
Hillary even delighted in the sadistic murder of Gaddafi.

America is the Evil empire they are doing just what Hitler was trying to achieve world domination so do your homework. When God is ready to judge Americans and America you will regret everything you said about Graham Jgd the yogi Raj

Pray for those that despitfully use you. ,love your enemies, and render not evil for evil but that which is good

I miss Billy Graham :pleading_face:

Thank you, good reasoning :pray:

David looking confused at the tweet cracked me up.

Franklin Graham never said anything about supporting this war it is not our job to judge people however I do think that Putin has something to do with Revelations I think he’s the Antichrist pray for peace we don’t know exactly who the Antichrist is but just pray for peace

Vladimir Putin sucks? He’s literally the head of Russia that hates the big bully USA. And USA has all of europe in its backpocket in exception of some countries along the eastern borders of europe (Finland, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Cremia and even Ukraine). That’s because Russia made strict dealings with those countries to never join NATO (or to never allow US presence on their soil) so that US presence would not be allowed to be present near Russian soil. And That’s THAT! If there’s one thing I don’t trust in this world, it’s USA and their constant bullying, intervention and devastation of other countries (Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, 2 Nukes on Japan, Libya, Vietnam etc… and the list goes on). It’s only natural that Vladimir Putin establishes an iron fist with the european countries along his borders to keep US presence away from Russia. And they were dealt with accordingly. Then, to have a US puppet by the name of Zelinsky as president of Ukraine along with his neo-nazi barbaric group Azof killing innocent civillians in Lugansk and Dunbass, wanting to join NATO and having regular meetings with the US government after countless of meetings with the Russian government telling Ukraine to NOT join NATO. It was a matter of time before Russian patience was exhausted! I do not condone violence but I understand why it happened. USA needs someone to slap them! And this military skirmish on Ukrainian soil (call it a proxy war), along with Russia demanding europpean countries to pay for russian gas in Rubles is Russia slapping USA smack dab in the face! So before you smartasses start making a dictator out of Putin, you should probably pray for US leaders so God would enlighten their hearts with peace and kindness in order to stop creating false scenarios and invading other countries minding their own businesses. That way, you wouldn’t see any president of any country becoming a so-called dictator when all they’re doing is protecting their country with harsh tactics sure but desperate tactics nonetheless when negotiations fail (there have been few minor outliars over the years but you get the point, don’t play dumb)

Yes they should