Showdown at Times Square: Still Taunting Jihadis (David Wood)

A devout follower of “You Know Who” recently challenged me to meet him at Times Square in New York City. Here’s what happened.

For more on taunting jihadis, watch these videos:

“On Taunting Jihadis Who Send Me Death Threats”:

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“Dealing with Death Threats”:

Ader Adnan you are such a pussy. David Wood was waiting for you and you didn’t show up. You are such a failure of a human being. David Wood has bigger balls then you do Ader Adnan.

The real pussy is the jihadi who didn’t even show up​:rofl::joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl:.

The only man who is even a nightmare for jihadis.

For some reason i can’t click on the video at the end

You can see how evil Islam can potentially make people, complete lack of love or humility or respect. Pray for all muslims that God may open their eyes, grant them salvation, and reveal that precious gospel of Jesus Christ, Immanuel; God With Us.

glory to Jesus!

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This is how Muslims solve problems: through violence. Even in Malaysia, a moderate Muslim country, we have something called respecting the ‘‘sensitivities of Muslims’’. And boy, are they sensitive…

My Dog is probably much more smarter than Moohamud.

Good (there’s really No) god, you are utterly fantastic with this. GREAT work

If it is Europe u will be attacked. they fear for America.

David’s balls are bigger than Aisha’s breasts.god bless you, stay safe and keep exposing Islam my friend. love from India.

Stay safe, David. May God protect and guide you.

I’m eating Middle Eastern food right now and it takes so dang good. I like the people but I hate Islam.

Muslims believe they can just stand in front of their false god and say that virtue wasn’t convient at the time… Western muslims believe in peace yet don’t want to be Christians, they want to continue to be peaceful in a religion that says to kill further proving their own ignorance towards their own religion… Compare the Holy Bible to the Qur’an and you will see what morals truly are. the Qur’an was a book written by a blood thirsty insane warlord who couldn’t handle people making fun of him. Follow the Christ as he is Lord of all things and will forgive you of your sins and never abandon you. You can turn your back on Christ all you want but Christ will continue to love you. I can only wish I could love someone with half the amount of love that Christ has for me. The Father is truly the greatest Father anyone can ask for. He blessed me with his Spirit. A Spirit that will forever bless me with grace of God. He blessed me with his Son, a Son that died for me so that I may live forever. He blessed me with himself so that I may glorify him. Muslims need to either read their own text or shut up. After they read the Qur’an they have two choices, become a terrorist or leave islam. I pray that they leave islam and find virtue in Christianity.

David vs Goliath :+1::+1::+1:

Goooooodddd!!! Thank you Ader Adnan… I love that masterpiece

Fearless brother in Christ Amen praise the Lord

Dont blame those keyboard jihadists too hard, it takes real courage to handle the noise of all that construction work!