Somali Muslim Converts to Christianity! (Featuring Shania from Somali Christian TV!)

David Wood interviews Shania from Somali Christian TV, discussing her apostasy from Islam and conversion to Christianity.

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Thank You so Much for having me on your channel My dear brother and teacher David Wood. God bless you and we love you

3:10 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: you’re an individual
This lady is crazy if even somali muslim percentage is 100% you can change nothing or she doesn’t educated

She reminds me of the woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair and the old lady who give an offering of her only 1 coin of survival. At some point Jesus said, “Assuredly i say to you, they will come from east to west and have a share in the kingdom of heaven”. This lady have given her whole to Jesus and continues doing so Just like the women in the bible. She decided to let her family off herself if all it meant to being with Christ Jesus. Like it says, then “who will separate us from the love of God. Not even your family as with this lady”. A challenge to many of us who were born and had been living the Christian way.

Nobel peace prize you deserve daughter of the soil (africa). God bless your ministry.

I love this woman so much, I have watched her testimony so many times. May God expand and bless her ministry for His Glory and protect her family in Jesus mighty name. Amen

The religion is for sadist, pedophiles and sadist that is what extreme islam is all about.

The best any person in life can do to their self while seeking spirituality is seek Christ .Get hold of the Holy Bible read it ,study it and keep to the way of Christ .And obey his command which is LOVE that’s what Jesus is all about , Christ never condemned anyone.And He came for everyone .Fellow Jesus and Find True peace.

Every time a Muslim accepts Jesus, thousands of Angels break into song.

Amen sister :pray: praise the lord. I love how you quote key verses. We are your family now and we love you eternally. Stay Strong!

In school our Christian teachers teach us 1+1+1=3

In Christianity they also teach 1+1+1=1

OK what’s going on???:thinking::thinking::thinking:

This woman thinks very highly of David Wood, whereas David Wood on the other hand doesn’t even bother to do little bit of research or at least Google about Somalia and their different languages or culture to show this woman respect as she thinks he is a Saint, the guy says “Somalic language, and Somalia speaks Arabic” :joy::joy:…I bet he despises her lost black ass lol

I dare the Somali Christian tv debate or air them debating with Somali Muslim Scholars or any Muslim Scholars for that matter, I dare you. Islam is the only religion on the planet that would encourage you to ask as many questions as you might have about Islam and will answer them. Unlike Christianity and the rest of other religions. There is a Verse in the Holy Quran that would challenge human kind to bring even a Verse like that’s in the Holy Quran, and that’s a challenge that has been on for more then 1400 years. Ask Google the fastest growing religion on the planet and ask yourself why, and we all know Google isn’t owned by a Muslim. :joy:

Excellent and informative interview. God bless this lovely lady and give her strength to continue her ministry. God bless David for your excellent and effective work.

God bless her

You can see the pain she feels when recounting Nicholas’s murder. Sad that a literal sociopath is showing her and Nicholas more sympathy than many Muslims who don’t have ASPD. Religion is a hell of a drug if it can make so many otherwise good people accept this. Much love to this wonderful woman and to you too, David. Also to all the sane Muslims out there even if I don’t get why you’re still Muslim hahaha

AMAZING TESTIMONY :exploding_head:

Yes Muslim Somali

No crhstaan Somali

Praise God for your testimony what a blessing thank you Jesus may God bless you