Somali Woman Gang-Raped for Leaving Islam (Ex-Muslims in Africa)

Three years ago, a Muslim woman fled Somalia with her four children. A year later, she converted to Christianity, and her four children soon joined her in her new faith. However, when a group of Somali Muslim men learned that she was an apostate, they began threatening her, and they eventually raped her. Apostasy is punishable by death according to Muhammad, which is why ex-Muslims are under constant threat after leaving Islam. Please pray for this woman and her children, as well as for all persecuted Christians in the Muslim world.

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You cannot rape a women in Islam, for leaving. That doesn’t make any logical sense.

India is crime

After viewing this channel and islam exposed or their quran. Bannnnn this shit, Islam.

Muhhamend was a false prophets

Islam is demonic religion

Your so stupid plz stop critizing islam and you think your religion is perfect islam i shall die as i was born in to and stop saying many people whold live the deen no one would and we value yes the allahs words and our life on the line for any one who has crossed islam has crossed all my brothers infact america has more rape than whole of africa and you talk about rights

“Religion of peace” That does not seem to fit their religion

All you do is spread lies because of your hatred towards Islam… is this what a true believer in Jesus peace be upon him should do ?

Because one bad spy can kill the whole squad

I learned two things from from this comment section, you can tell people who already hate Islam anything bad about Islam and they would use that to validate their feelings, and people will believe anything they hear online without actually learning from the original source. Your hate on Islam does not diminish the religion. But nice try.


No no no u got it all wrong who ever left Islam thats between that person and Allah and who ever raped that Woman is not even muslim

I think only thing in wrest in the world is lslam Muhammad devil religion

Men who rape should be killed
Man or women who leave the religion should be left alone to there creater

Gosh i wish king negus destroyed Muhammad

you can lie as much as you can, i’m muslim from Pakistan, and you won’t see this here!! in Somalia there is ISIS working, and their purpose is not what Islam says!! you are just quoting without any context!

islam never said rape who ever leaves islam

Lmao this dude really serious I live in Somalia and there is no such a thing ffs!!! This is somalia :somalia: Niiko Haliimo Gobaad Keeyow Wacdarihii Showgii Muqdisho 2019 - YouTube