Speakers' Corner Is Now Shariah Corner: Hatun Tash Removed for Blasphemy

Last Sunday, British Police removed Hatun Tash (DCCI Ministries) from Speakers’ Corner for violating Sharia blasphemy laws. Speakers’ Corner is now Shariah Corner.

Subscribe to Hatun’s channel (DCCI): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0MDB_oF7huA78BNADx9sQ

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Thanks to the police

U must remember, speakers corner has many muslim sect which include the extremist apart from sunni. If u deal with the extremist , be prepare with ur words .

sheesh man why u hate us so much

No matter what you do…Islam will always prevail. The truth is more powerful than your lies

It’s mostly peaceful attacks(its a joke). England is mostly submitting. We need to get behind these great brave people and protect them as they fight for us. If we lose them we lose the war.

It is a hostile environment in England especially in most cities in England. If “they” say sky is people we have to all agree. “They” claim halal is the most humane method of slaughter so it’s served in most schools to non Muslims without choice. Not sure what could be done.

Speakers Corner is a magnet for nut jobs with nothing better to do and it’s about time the government considers closing it down.

London Taxi drivers are hurt because their stupid books which gives them courage to be slave is exposed :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

At 2:39
Are these adult men to 1 woman?
proves how weak islam is.
And how evil his messengers.
Bad trees bare bad fruits.

Your all fools :joy:

Hatun trash

:pray: Hatun Tash
Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Its so nice to see peaceful islam at work. Why did the police not clear the mob

The F…ing British government is the biggest criminal for allowing these clowns in this land. The police is a cock

She is a brave woman May the Lord God of Israel bless her

so … basically … doing unholy things to other people holy book is OK ya?? where is the respect of others scripture… this video is really 1 sided

David she got banned (Allhamdulila) because she is a coward and mocks Allah and Muhammad and she continues to come back with the same terrible arguments from before. Have you seen her terrible response to Isaiah 42 :joy::joy::joy: do you see muslims at the park holding up charlies signs of Jesus and the trinity ot a drawing of Paul or something? Hatun deserved it stop calling her “brave” she had 1 formal debate and got destroyed, we are still waiting for her to answer Zakir Hussain :man_shrugging:t6:

this has been happening for years in the uk, nothing new!

Lool see how powerful Islam is that Speaker’s Corner is now Shariah Corner.:rofl::rofl: According to Rotten Wood.