Speaking at Florida Gulf Coast University (Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017)

WHO: David Wood
WHAT: Presentation on Reaching Muslims with the Gospel
WHEN: Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 7:30pm
WHERE: Florida Gulf Coast University, Seidler Hall, Room 114
WHY: Why not?

Hi sir david. I wanna ask you questions.

  1. Is Jesus the only Christ in the bible??
    Because in Isaisah 45:1 said that koresh was the God’s anointed too, that means it wasn’t only Jesus was the Christ but Koresh too right??
    Because as we know that “Christ” is the English rendering of the Greek word Christos.
    Christos is the Greek rendering of the Hebrew word Mashiach (Messiah) and
    Mashiach in the Hebrew means “anointed one.”

  2. If Jesus wasn’t the only Christ in the bible, and if the Koresh was the Christ too, is it possible if one day will be another Christ in the future??

Please answer my question based on holy bible or any evidence based that you kwow sir, because right now i want to learn about christ more deeper.

Thank you so much sir, Jesus bless you

I wish i knew I was going to attend :sob::sob:.

David you are intelligent …keep doing … God bless you…

I live in Bonita Springs & am like 12 days late discovering you were here…

Why did you say “disgusting”?

where is nabeel? oh yeah jesus could not heal him, is Jesus real ?

David, let’s make some Bible study together here on YouTube, live, for the people. It would be a blessing, we just started a church here in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

God bless you David…

Keep rocking the beard David.

Hey David, I would really like to hear your opinion on the riots worldwide caused by trumps embassy move, I know a lot of others want you to make a video on that topic too. Would you do us the honour bro?

what meaning of terrorist? attack randomly and attack other tribe and other religions

why cant u stop bothering & picking on islam & the muslims.can u find some other kinds of topics to share with us humans that doesnt involve islam.i dont follow any form of religion but i do think there might be some higher power & i definitely dont believe that this higher power has a son & or this higher power is also the son.u know there is this drug called L.S.D.that makes people go on a good trip & sometimes a bad trip but this fantasy trip u folks have been on now for at least 1700 years now,i believe is a brain damage trip that came to u by the handy works of mr.satan himself.remember,your god gave him the green light to mess with mankind & i must say he has been doing a hell of a job at best.so i suggest u lay off islam & the muslims because u do know there are some wacky ones out there that might decide to go over board.& we wouldnt want to see that happen.peace to u my brother & may the good lord guide u on the straight path.

Hi, muslims are pushing the hypocrite gospel of barnabas. I know this is an abomination and is not a real Gospel of Barnabas but muslims are pushing this. hope you could make a video discussing this, its illegitimacy, contents, ans why it is not reliable so that many would know. thanks!

Hello, Pastor David.
Recently, I’ve noticed some very striking similarities in the symbolism of the 3 Abrahamic religions.
Jews wear cubes =Teffilins (PHYLACTERIES)
Muslims circle a cube =Kaaba.
Christians cube= Cross (unfolded, 3-dimensional cube)
A cube represents equality, freedom, and justice= all equal sides.
Mosses brought the Hebrews out of slavery= Pyramid system of inequality, slavery, and injustice.
I just found this very interesting and thought I ask your opinion.
Thank you.

poor David you really think you are going at the right path by being Christian

Hey David: Just in case you are preparing to say something about the issue of Jerusalem, I would recommend Verse Al Ma’ida 21 to shut the angry believers up.

dang I just saw this. I live in florida and would loved to been able to go. more heads up next time. keep up the good work davide

Is this how Christians suppose to behave?. Calling a fellow human being disgusting, you bring Christians with manners that exceed your’s tenfold to shame…May Allah Guide you, hope that one day you will wake up to reality David wood.