Speaking at Sacramento State University This Wednesday (February 15, 2017)

For those of you in the Sacramento area, I’ll be speaking at Sacramento State University this Wednesday evening (February 15, 2017). Here’s a link to the Facebook page for the event: Redirecting...

Hope to see you there!

I hope you have a good turnout, and they were respectful!

Dear David Wood, your videos are great and inspiring, keep on the good work! Could you maybe make a video about your favourite books on Islamic criticism?

David, why don’t you ever criticize the teachings of the Jewish Talmud?!
The Talmud makes the Qur’an look like a Disney book.
One example -
Islam - A woman’s testimony in court is worth half that of a man
Judaism/Talmud - A women’s testimony in court is worth ZERO!!!
This is one example of hundreds!!!
Why do the discriminatory teachings of the Jews always get a free pass to criticism but Islam does not!!! BOTH of these religions ACT on these teachings!!!

Million thanks “King David Wood” for your service.

Georgia State RatioChristi Chapter

I would have loved to attend! Do you have a schedule of future events?

Anywhere we can watch this presentation online?

Man, I missed it! Would love to hear you speak in person again, man!

Stop calling good evil
And evil good
Better check info.
With David Wood!

Thanks so much for coming out to Sac to speak. I thoroughly enjoyed you sharing your thorough research with us and the grace you showed.

Are you doing another one here in Sacramento soon?!

Come to Boston. I would love to see liberal New Englanders lose their minds.

Doggonit; just an hour away from my house, but I didn’t see the post until today. Gah!

It was a great honor to meet you today dr woods hopefully I can see you soon again god bless

Will this event be available via youtube upload later? Is it being recorded?

God bless u brother that your spreeding the truth about Islam I had a Muslim fiance but unfortunately it came to a end because she was to be married to someone else I was in love with her and she was a great person i learn alot about Islam through this site and through her that mulsims are great people but the realigon is not of God you do not surger​ coated it thank you brother for your words thanks to you and Nabeel Qureshi and Ravi Zacharias you all have made me more firm in my faith but please pray for me because I am living a sinful life I could use advice to even get stronger in my faith Jesus said once your born again your old slef is dead but I still live in alot of sin I really wanna get closer to God if you could give some advice that would be awesome I don’t know if you will get this but please also tell Nabeel Qureshi I am praying for him about his cancer God bless you brothers of Christ

Be careful, brother. A black Muslim named Quran Muhammad Jones, bludgeoned to death his Christian dorm roommate there about eight years ago. The roommate was not only Christian, but, had a llite form of autism. He used a baseball bat on him.

David, will you be posting the presentation on the channel?

hi david wood . i have heard that in alquran , jesus say that there will be another prophet came after jesus and his name is AHMED. is this ahmed = muhammad ? . is there any verses in alquran that say muhammad → ahmed ?