Speaking at University of North Carolina Wilmington April 5, 2017

Topic: “ISIS: Faithful Muslims or Radical Extremists?”
Location: University of North Carolina Wilmington, Lumina Theater at the Fisher Student Center
Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Contact: aaronmarshall@ratiochristi.org

Lol you WILL school those muslims and apologetics social justice warriors

Keep Rockin’, David! The Truth shall set us free … from Islam!

Which Ante-Nicene father book is on your bookshelf?

David. Does the Bible say anything about the destruction of Islam? If so can you do a video on that?? Id be interested to watch. greetings from Australia.

will you film it for us in europe?

Acts17Apologetics, Brother Ross Jackson will be preaching the gospel in the free speech area from 12-4 in front of the Fisher Student Union. If you have time we would love to see you out there.

Welcome to NC! Glad to have you.

Will there be a live stream?
I’m in NC, but I can’t get to the coast on a Wednesday…
God bless your ministry, my brother!

Oh, I hope Follower of Christ in N.C. can make it to your lecture. I went to your “debate” in Romulus, when you completely trashed Ehteshaam Gulam, but I did learn one very important thing while there. My personality type can’t endure agonizing through the stupidity of Muslims, and I still have all the frantic notes I wrote to my son to “get me out of here before I fall into anaphylactic shock”. I need a way to fast-forward through mind-numbing ignorance. He refused to obey me, but I vowed to never attend another live debate. You, as usual, were too brilliant for your opponent, but God bless you for your continuing stand against this pestilent threat. To this day, I’ve never washed my hand that you shook, and I’ve never been tempted to attend debates. Please come back to Michigan for a lecture; I’ll crawl over broken glass to listen the that!

Dear naysayers,

Consider it an honor to be schooled by David Wood.

God Bless You !!!

isis is faithful muslim and also radical extremist ! you don’t need to put question mark.

hahaha oooo u are so funnily funny. David is sooo comedious

you need to come to southern wesleyan u


please, posting to youtube especially q&a session.:heart_eyes:

Great work exposing the pernicious works of darkness.

Learn 'em, Dave!

Time to riot