Speaking in California Sept. 9th, 10th, and 11th

I’ll be speaking at the “Our Strong Tower” conference in Anaheim, California, September 9th, 10th, and 11th. Click the above link for location, topics, and other details.

I’m so mad I missed it :frowning:

Hello David, Today I saw on TV that there was slaughter of goats in Bangladesh filled the street with blood. Why do you think this BAKREED where they sacrifice goats with their own hands is celebrated. Don’t you think making it necessary for everyone to kill animals by their own hands might have some dubious intentions.

David, will you be in Michigan anytime soon

Acts17Apologetics, what is the name of the video where the Muslim blew up your phone with text messages? gonna have fun with this one.

David you may have covered it somewhere else but I’d be interested to hear your take on John 6:53, and other passages relating to the Eucharist. Keep you doing what you do, you’re awesome. God bless!

I would love to go, but its a long way from Melbourne Australia. May the Lord talk through you and people be touched by The Holy Spirit. God Bless you and protect in Jesus Name.

Congrats man. Grew up in So. Cal. and will actually be back in the Southland this weekend. Will definitely be there.

May our “brainwashed” Muslim friends…wake up…and soon.

When you coming to New Zealand?

Why do almost all western politicians keep defending Islam and saying it is does not condone violence?

Godspeed, brother.

How do they manage to put on a free conference? I know there are a variety of ways to go about it but it is a generous and impressive feat, nonetheless.

Yaaaass I live 40 mins away from Anaheim :sunglasses:

come to Seattle, please.

David do you know if verse 2:256 of the Quran was abrogated and if so by which verse?

+Acts17Apologetics hey David been watching for about a month and love the videos… I know we cannot liken God to his creation but would this be a good way to explain the trinity to muslims? Water has three distinct forms, liquid, solid, and vapor yet all one substance. Quick question would love a response.

agree to some of the comments. Can you upload the speech or doing live streaming in youtube or facebook? Thanks!

Mr. Wood, Mother Teresa was declared a saint yesterday. Are you going to make a video about her and her critics or is that too far outside of the scope of your usual scheduling? Just wondering because once in a blue moon you make a video that isn’t about Islam (like the one about van Gogh).

I’m in the UK. Any chance of viewing it on YouTube?