Speaking in California September 8th-11th (2017)

Visit this link to register for the “Our Strong Tower” conference: http://www.ministrytomuslims.com/our-strong-tower.html

Mr. David. how are you, might be you remember me, so now Sep. 23 left, nothing happen, now tell me when world be end.

When are you coming to the UK?

I saw the vid too late and am from another continent… sorry for not comming.

Hi David, I was there at today’s conference in Anaheim, CA. I was present during your lecture. Afterwards, I had a guy take a picture of you and me, and I shook your hand.

David, I saw Nabeel’s video today and hope you can be with him. My heart breaks.

God bless you brother david I had a blast today listening to u speak I was the guy standing behind the yellow car wearing the Jesus saves from hell shirt. I just wanted to know if the event is free again tomorrow please let me know if would like to attend again if it’s free.

Keep Telling the Truth About Islam Mafia

GOD bless you and keep you safe in the liberalized state of California where free speach is limited to liberal views only.

Hey David I love watching your videos and would certainly enjoy attending the conference but I’m Catholic and the message at the bottom of the conference page says “This conference is for born again Christians only” ?

Text my info today. Waiting for voucher number brother.

Dang it David I’ve been warned but I can’t make it!! Please don’t tell people that Ernesto Gomez on YouTube hates America and wants the terrorist to win because I don’t!!! I promise!!!

brother david what time does the event start

I saw you last year it was a great experience! It’s not easy what you’re doing I try sharing bit of information to my Muslim friends I don’t blame them at all for getting defensive I care enough about them to let them know. God bless you for all you do hopefully I get to see you again this year

In prayer for you …one of these days I’ll be able to get down there from Alaska to hear you. Thank you for you excellent, blessed work!

Thanks for this information. I just might attend!

I’m a Sri lankan and so, I won’t be able to be present. Please upload a video of your conference. Can’t wait to watch it !!!

See you in Anaheim on sept 9. I can’t believe it but 9-11 is this monday and you will be speaking in Anaheim. GBU

Will you be posting a video soon on Paul v Mohammed?

Can’t make it there, sorry David I don’t have enough money to go to California. But I wish you lots of luck on your tour being successful!