Speaking in Cypress, California (August 24-25)

WHO: David Wood!
WHAT: Church Service
WHEN: 5:00pm Sat. August 24/9:00am & 10:45am Sun. August 25
WHERE: Seacoast Grace Church (5100 Cerritos Ave.
Cypress, CA 90630)
WHY: Why not?

Are you kidding me? You were just down the street from my house and I am just now hearing about this? I am bummed.

nOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I live literally 25 minutes away from there. I didn’t get this notification!! I would have LOVED to meet you! Gahhhhh

When will you be debating Mohammad Hijab again?

Pls go to Malaysia (Sabah)…

Wish I was there !!! Glad to know your preaching your the bomb !!! Its been a while. God Bless You

Brother David, you’ve been of great inspiration to me. When are we seeing you in Ghana :ghana:- West Africa

Dave any news on the second son of Hamas leaves Gaza ?

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.alleluia.

Had I known, I would have come to see you speak

God bless u david wood :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

When are you coming to Dallas Texas??

Welcome to California…pray for us! Praying for you and your family🙏

Common come to San Jose already

What is Trinity? Before it, i want to say, that the Word of God always fulfilled! 1. Ecclesiastes 7:2! How to know people go to heaven or to hell! In the house of mourning. The expresion of the people who died, show it (winner or loser). Bad or torture expresion go to hell, peace till cherr up (smile) expresion go to heaven! 2. 1 John 5:7-9 (KJV), speak about Trinity! There are two Trinity, In the Heaven and in the Earth! God and human! (Human: Spirit, blood-soul, water-flesh ~ 90% weight our body build by water! 1 Thesalonika 5:23!)
According to Genesis 1:26, people is the HIS image (model, prototipe, pattern). The different are: God is Holy Spirit, Almighty, great omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal, people is flesh, mortal and limited! God in harmony but people not. God created 3 living thing’s, simple-single creature (plant), duumvirat (animal) and Trinity creature- living thing’s (human)!
We are exactly one and exactly three, with three needs! Body needs, soul needs and spirit needs! Example: when fasting, flesh-body need to eat and drink, soul need to obey the rule to fasting, which one we obey, show the winner! Two personal-individu in one being! To know Trinity, we must learn to the human itself! God give Us the teaching!!!
The Trinity not symbolize by triangle, but by three circle in one, in harmony by hierarchy: The centre of, the ABBA FATHER! The source or the centre of the WILL-LOVE! The middle is the WORD of GOD-JESUS, the managing-manager of the will of ABBA FATHER love, give blessing to the whole world with God Love! The outside of, the Holy Ghost-Spirit, who doing everything what the Word of God order to. Example: Genesis 1: 2-3, 6-7, 9, etc. How to understand the omnipresent of Trinity by our body. If our fingers touch something and our feet fingers stand on something, where our soul and spirit are? Exactly in our body and fingers position too! So ABBA FATHER and JESUS, always omnipresent as where the Holy Ghost-Spirit omnipresent! This why, where the Holy Ghost-Spirit presence, there also ABBA FATHER and JESUS presence too!

come in london i m wating for you :smiley:

I’m glad that I got to meet you at the first service on Sunday. Knowing that you were so close, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet you!
After being attacked on a Christian channel (photohelix) during a live stream Friday night, concerning the Mandela effect, I have been on fire to stop this Satanic psyop. I have heard about this before, but didn’t realize just how much it’s growing in Christian circles.
I defended the king James Bible, and refuted the Mandela effect, and both the host and the guest attacked me, saying I was blind, and uninformed…and of course the people in the live chat were absolutely vicious! I
I felt it was important to see you and inform you about this. These people are deceived, and deceiving others. For anybody to believe that verses from the king James Bible have been changed, and are continuing to change because of the Mandela effect, we ALL need to address this, and put this down and stamp it out!
Their number one argument is Isaiah 11:6 and 65:25. They say that these verses originally said that “the lion and the lamb will lie down together,” and they believe it has now been changed to “the wolf will lie down with the lamb.” I explained that the natural predators of a flock of sheep is a wolf, and not a lion. I furthermore told them that I have been a Christian for 47 years, and those verses have always been a wolf, not a lion. I told them that they are probably confused because Jesus is “the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and also “ The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” There are many books and poems, ministries and songs that use the phrase “the lion and the lamb.“ But how could He as a lion be lying down next to Himself as a lamb? That’s not logical…
All the Jews of Jesus’ time were cognizant of the fact that Rome was founded by Romulus, who with his twin Remus were raised and suckled by a she-Wolf, and their hatred of Rome was great…
I also explained that Jesus is the Word of God, and that the Bible is the word of God. Jesus said that the volume of the book was written of Him. Jesus is the personification of the Bible. Jesus said, “heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will not pass away.”
One of the commentor said that it’s just ink on paper, and he doesn’t realize that the Bible is, as Dr. Chuck Missler said, “ A supernatural integrated message system sent to us from outside our time domain.” The verses are more than ink on paper…
One commentor even said he saw a verse morph in front of his eyes and change!

Hi i was so worried i havent seen you for so long kissres to you and family

David, are you planning to visit more churches in Orange County?

May God bless you brother!!!