Speaking in Maryland This Friday & Saturday (Close to Baltimore/DC)

I’ll be speaking at the Defending the Faith Apologetics Conference in Mount Airy, Maryland, this Friday and Saturday (October 7-8, 2016). For conference details and registration:

I’m a patriots fan, but I don’t really care that you’re a steelers fan. I can still respect you. It’s not like your a New York Yankees fan.

I hope you will be posting this and videos of all your speaking events and debates on YouTube. You are blessing more people than you know.

Death to all Raven Fans! Muhammad has spoken! Lol Rekt

Lol! Awesome! :laughing::+1:

When are you coming to the west coast?

James Walker is a badass, have fun at the conference. I loved all is lessons of how to engage with Mormons.

You’re a dead man…YOU HEAR ME YOU ARE DEAD!!!

David, Read this, And please reply so I know you read this.
If I so attend your Arizona state debate, And there’s time to meat with you, And I can shake your hand, I will give you a dead fish, Limp wrist handshake, Then suddenly you’ll know it’s me!

Hey David, hook up with Biola Apologetics dept. and travel with them called Thrive Conferences. Would be awesome to spread your teachings. I am serious.

Hey David! I have a friend saying they’re willing to read my bible if I can show them non-biblical sources proving Jesus existed. I know you say there are some, I was wondering if you could send me to one of your videos where you go through them or if you could send me some to give to him. Thank you

David: please make a video about slave trafficking made by arab muslims, about the role they play on that.

Man, you are fearless, you should have a gun to defend yourself. I fear for your life, brother, with all those jihadists out there.

Check him out please!


What’s that about Baltimore ravens fans ? Is he bluffing or something ?

May God bless you and keep during your travels brother. If ever you decide to come to central Texas please let me know.

Not as bad as my Detroit Lions. Not even Jesus can help us lol

David, I just so happen to live in mt airy and I was considering going until you bad mouthed Raven’s fans. How dare you sir hahaha. ill be out of town but I will let my friends know you will be in the area Friday.

Come to germany Mister Wood! God bless you and your family!