Speaking in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, This Friday (August 12)

Details: http://www.mlefc.org/27/article/article_id/471724/Apologetics-Conference

Aww man you were in my area before I discovered your content. Please come back to NJ soon!

Wow he’s actually talking about something other than islam. WOW thats a platinum trophy right their

Do you use the audio recorder on the camera or do you have a mic setup to record your voice?

Warning, if you show up near Miami Florida, I might attack you with hugs and greet you with a holy kiss. Born in Cuba, so that’s how we roll.

when do u guyz come in France ?

Brother David some Muslim follower of best cunning deceiver almakreen allah of Quran 3 : 54 is trying to impersonate the name of your channel and writing comments.
be aware of that person.

Hello, your favorite jihadi prophet is here

To bad we mormons are included in the curriculum.

Hope we see you in north Carolina soon :smiley:

Wish I knew about this yesterday

Darn I could have made it! It’s only a 10 hour drive from here…

Finally you teach people Christianity rather than basing other peoples faith lol

David Can you please tell my wife and I why you are no longer on the Trinity Channel?

                We have  always liked your  videos and debates along as your pal  Sam's

                     God bless

David, is anyone filming this?

David, it was a pleasure to meet you there. May God continue to bless your work

bummer just heard about it now. missed it

please speak in the netherlands

Please record it and post it. I’m interesting in your arguments against mormonism

God bless you , David , keep spreading the Gospel . Love you brother !