Speaking in Redlands, California (Sunday, August 26, 10:00am & 7:00pm)

Hi Everyone! I’ll be speaking at 10:00am and 7:00pm on Sunday, August 26, 2018, at Church on the Hill in Redlands, California (1445 Ford StRedlands, CA 92374). Hope to see you there!

4:30 AM–Finished Unloading Moving Truck
4:45 AM–Took Shower
5:00 AM–Packed for California
6:20 AM–Headed to Airport
D. Wood=Champion of All-Nighters

Man im really bummed that I didn’t know you were in Redlands and that I drove right passed you.

Hi David,
I have three suggestions for you:

  1. You must make videos that exposes false Christian teachers, false Christian denominations and false Bibles.
  2. You must also make videos explaining Bible prophecies.
  3. And please translate all your videos to all possible languages in the world and publish it by creating different YouTube channels so that your videos are viewed and understood by those who don’t know English at all.
    (If you do the above three things apart from what you are already being doing, you become a complete package).

Hi David,
I would love to see you react on Muhammad Qasim’s incredible story. I’m sure you’ve heard about this truly gifted guy.:joy::grin:hilarious

Debate Mohammed Hijab

God loves this man so much and he is a warrior for Christ

i always wanted to know where you studied for Apologetics. You’re great at what you do brother.


They have a female “lead pastor”. They also teach a pre-trib rapture and say Jesus purchased divine healing for us.


David will you come to Colorado to speak? I would love to meet you and thank you for all the Gods work that you do every day of your life.

Acts17 u did replied on my comment before. Why u always pick Islam as your enemy?

May be my comment is few years late and I do hope you (David Wood) will see this. What you noted here in this clip (Muslims pay to others to get converted to Muslim). I am a pure pure pure Christian and do not bend my knees or head to none but to my father the Creator and our saviour Jesus Only. Once I was working in Abu Dhabi, (1989 July to 1996 April) and a mosque was just a building away from my work place. (It was in Syed the II road - and known as the Onion Tank Mosque). And many of my office mates were from other countries - and one Pakistani who was friendly with me - wanted me to meet the Imam at the mosque. He was a nice person and after about 20 minutes of chat and a coffee - he offered me to get converted to Islam so he can arrange me a 500,000Dirham payment. I refused - and later it went through months - and the final offer was a massive 2Mn USD. There was no second thoughts in my mind at all at any time for money, and I refused it. He said, I looked like a cursed person. But the time passed. After around six months - I found that Imam was called for his final rest (Hell or Heaven I don’t know) but I am still having my miraculous blessing from God and living with my wife and children happily.

Malaysia brother, come & share

You make to Shirt Women ??? LOL!

Hello David. Please may you do a video on whether Jesus declared all food clean (Mark 7 v 9).

Hi brother. Congrats to the 5th one. The LORD guides him. Is there any subtitle work with your videos?

Brother , I’m from India, Why don’t you have a debate with Zakir Naik… Everytime I watch his speech but I felt its ridiculous and also i watched yours, you answered and proovd every mistakes he did in his speech… So I want you to have a debate with him.

GAZWA E HIND Pls make a video on this topic👆

can you elaborate ,what is GAZWA E HIND, David ??