Speaking This Weekend in Stafford, Texas (Sept. 7-8, 2019)

WHO: David Wood, aka D Dogg Dizzle
WHAT: Multiple Presentations
WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 7 (10:00am & 7:00pm); Sunday, Sept. 8 (10:30am)
WHERE: International Bible Church (12955 Stafford Road, Stafford, TX 77477)
WHY: Why not?

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Good afternoon David, a thought came to me earlier today while reading chapter 11 of “A General Introduction to the Bible” by Gliser & Nix. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts and comments on the Bible as the inspired word vs the Koran claims. :thinking:

Would love it if you would come to Indianapolis.

these people need Jesus and God (Just like other people…all people need Jesus and God)…not some one who constantly fights them

David, you are a true warrior of Jesus Christ. My love to you and your family.

Please come to San Jose

We are here! :clap:t4::muscle:t4::fist_right:t4::fist_left:t4::pray:t4::v:t4:

David I will be there for the Saturday 7pm meeting!

I’m the person that submitted the question about why one punch man at your 10am testimony. I just checked and one punch apologetics seems to be available. That would be an awesome YouTube channel. I would definitely subscribe! I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family. Take care!

When will you stop promoting lies for profit?

May the grace of God Almighty, salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ and guidance of the Holy Spirit be wit u sir u might be troubled wit the problems and trials in ur family never give up be like JOB, May Jesus give u courage like job to Cominicate wit God bless u, in future days will meet sir if it’s the will of God

Thank you sir.!

Darn I’m probably not going to be able to make this. I’m still in Illinois and the drive back is at least two days.

Jesus bless you brother.

Please record your three talks and play them here on your YouTube channel for all of us to hear and enjoy.

David. Christ continue to Bless you and your Household richly.

Must be a cross dressing convention

We love you david :pray:t2::latin_cross::heart::us::us::us::us:

What is Trinity? Before it, i want to say, that the Word of God always fulfilled!

  1. Ecclesiastes 7:2! How to know people go to heaven or to hell! In the house of mourning. The expresion of the people who died, show it (winner or loser). Bad or torture expresion go to hell, peace till cherr up (smile) expresion go to heaven!
  2. 1John 5:7-9 (KJV), speak about Trinity! There are two Trinity, In the Heaven and in the Earth! God and human! (Human: Spirit, blood-soul, water-flesh ~ 90% weight our body build by water! 1Thesalonika 5:23!)
    According to Genesis 1:26, people is the HIS image (model, prototipe, pattern). The different are: God is Holy Spirit, Almighty, great omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal, people is flesh, mortal and limited! God in harmony but people not. God created 3 living thing’s, simple-single creature (plant), duumvirat (animal) and Trinity creature- living thing’s (human)!
    We are exactly one and exactly three, with three needs! Body needs, soul needs and spirit needs! Example: when fasting, flesh-body need to eat and drink, soul need to obey the rule of fasting, which one we obey, show the winner! Two personal-individu in one being! To know Trinity, we must learn by the human itself!
    The Trinity not symbolize by triangle, but by three circles in one, in harmony by hierarchy: The centre of, the ABBA FATHER! The source or the centre of the WILL-LOVE! The middle is the WORD of GOD-JESUS, the managing-manager of the will of ABBA FATHER love, give blessing to the whole world with God Love! The outside of, the Holy Ghost-Spirit, who doing everything what the Word of God order to. Example: Genesis 1: 2-3, 6-7, 9, etc.
    How to understand the omnipresent of Trinity by our body. If our fingers touch something and our feet fingers stand on something, where our soul and spirit are? Exactly in our body and fingers position too! So ABBA FATHER and JESUS, always omnipresent as where the Holy Ghost-Spirit omnipresent! This why, where the Holy Ghost-Spirit presence, there also ABBA FATHER and JESUS presence too! God give us the understanding of the Trinity!!!

Jesus bless DAVID WOOD …
from :monaco: