Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Goes Full Burkini! (ft. Halima Aden!)

The 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition featured a number of photographs of Halima Aden, a Somali-American Muslim model who specializes in hijabs and burkinis. In this video, David Wood examines Islam’s claims about the purpose of Islamic coverings (e.g., the burka and the hijab) and discusses Aden’s burkini photographs.

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The entire video was prepared and recorded under the close supervision of my wife, Marie!

3:39 Was this… A REFERENCE TO AISHA!?
XD that one hit me hard.

When I saw the pictures of her in a burkini, I thought to myself, isn’t it just a hooded wetsuit? Why call it a burkini?


You know what they need next men wearing tankinis.

I just fall off from my chair laughing :joy::joy::joy:

Is she wearing scuba gear? Wtf is that? Let’s go bask in the sun with all our clothes on and a hood!

Line up and stick your heads out, these leftists are partnering up with the Islam faith to bring sharia law to America. When the do that all that don’t submit to Islam and all nonbelievers will be dealt with, ie let’s not lose our heads! Literally we are going backwards in society with Islamic laws. Lol

How do you swim with that i mean is a swimsuit edition right!?

combining fachion with activism ?? nice

I was hoping this video would have something to offer besides criticizing and shaming something controversial. I guess these ‘Christians’ would prefer a Sports Illustrated free of statements supporting ‘other religions?’ . . . that’s not at all hypocritical AT ALL . . . no complaints as long as their own lust remains satiated . . . meanwhile the east and west continue shooting their firey arrows of condemnation at each other. this is the world we live in now lol

“Why can’t they make this thing in braille…” Love it

Values? So let me get this straight, she appears in a magazine that most men buy to either masturbate too or to hide from their wives under their pillow…it’s the same thing as a Burka wearing muslim working on a brothel but still claiming to be pure and without sin. Ah yes, muslim feminism, the best feminism.

hate your voice

molested could mean bothered, not actually being molested…in Spanish the word is molestar.
means bother someone

and france bans it

“Why cant they make this thing in Braille?” I am not sure anymore if I am here to learn something new or to have a good laugh! This guy cracks me up :joy:

It’s really funny this guy was going to debate Zakir Naik but was destroyed by one of his students MOHAMMED HIJAB :joy::joy::joy:

HE is real clown :clown_face::joy:

Now what do you have to say Mr. Wood?
She left modelling industry to focuss on Islam.

And Allah will throw back their mockery on them.
-Quraan,Surah 2,verse:15