Sri Lanka Suicide Bomber Was Radicalized in Great Britain and Australia

At least one of the suicide bombers in the recent Easter Sunday church attacks in Sri Lanka was radicalized in Great Britain and Australia. David Wood discusses the issue.

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“Stay away from Islam,” Apostate prophet.

Pure 1000000% Right you are❤️

Very True David

Thank you :pray:

So the “political correct” liberals are culpable !

Crazy Cult!

Absolutely well said. Western countries are suffering from rascism delusion. Seeing things as racist when they aren’t the slightest.

Muhammad covered in semen? Where’d you read that, Sahih Bukakke?

Only a year ago…welcome to the new world.

Thank you David, good stuff, thank you for telling the truth some people are ignorant & naive

This is false quotation. Please everyone check on them. Quran or prophet Muhammad never said them.

Also prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never did anything he quoted.
David wood you are not even a Christian you are a evil who is spreading RACISM.


West is digging there own grave yard by allowing these community students .

Muhammad Is Greatest Cult, Sucker Ever Lived On Earth🌍

Londonistan! His parents must have been rich because, for example, to study in Imperial College London for a Brit costs £9,000, but for International Students, it’s £27,000(+) then there’s the living costs - Londonistan is really expensive!

I’m srilankan and my family cried the whole night when we heard the news.

All the more reason to deport those Wahabi imams because they truly hate the West viscerally and why would the authorities be so tolerant of these hate-mongers? Don’t they know what they preach? Would those Muslim countries tolerate Christian missionaries in their midst? The PC idiocy will be the West’s undoing.

It’s not easy make them listen as as soon as you questions anything about Islam they stop listening

Many people listen to you… and they tell many others… and so on… u must never stop… BRAVO.