“Stop Insulting Prophet Muhammad” Trends on Twitter!

“Stop Insulting Prophet Muhammad” is trending on Twitter. Since Muhammad and his companions routinely insulted other people’s beliefs, this is hypocrisy at its finest.


Mr. David idk if you are going to read my comment but i really want to THANK YOU, i consider you as a brother or as a father, i will always and forever say that Lord Jesus sent you my way in the most difficult time of my life, when i was about to believe in islam and betray my beloved Lord, i’m a christian living in an arabic country, surrounded by muslim people, i spent 4 years of my college life being called KAFFER, and i spent my day running from students trying to convert me, also they kept shaking my faith by telling me that islam is the truth and islam is full of love, i knew so little about Jesus christ so it was so easy for me to doubt everything, 4 months ago i was having mental breakdown cuz i was so lost, so i decided to study my bible and to know more about islam, and that was the time when i found your channel by accident, YOU LITERALLY ALTERED MY WAY OF THINKING, you taught me how to defend myself against such people, and i learned how to expose them and how to defend my Lord Jesus christ and our heavenly father even tho our God doesn’t need someone to defend him if you know what i mean :smirk:. Thank you again, because of you i have a strong faith now and i’m not afraid of confronting them nor of telling others about my Lord and King. I already feel down because you are going to remove your channel, but i have high hopes of finding you on other platforms. You are a true warrior, God bless your life and your family :dove::cherry_blossom::white_heart:

Mr David please check out what’s happening right now In Nigeria!! Both old and young are being killed inside the church aprox over 80 dead bodies

DW, you should get a business address where you can receive mail. I would like to send you some info but don’t want to put it on YT. For your consideration.

I totally agree, Mohammad it self is a devil :imp:



Hi folks :wave: it’s high time we stop Insulting prohet Mohammed (PBUH). But we can spread his Lagacy to the world from their Islamic Sources. 1. He had sex with 9 years old Aishat. 2. He married his adopted son’s wife. 3. He ambush n rubbed Caravan. 4. His clothes are always drench in semens all night long. 5. He receives quranic revelations while in Aishat clothes. 6. He enjoyed poisoned sheep :sheep: meat from Jew woman in Kaibar. 7. He attempted commiting suicide due to stopage revelation from fake gabriel. 8. He was demon possesed. 9. He was a stone :lips::mountain: kisser. 10. He order his followers to beat their wives. 11. He order his followers to execute ppl who left Islam. 12. He command his followers to humiliate non muslim till they pay Jizya . e.t.c … Did I insult mohmoh :person_shrugging: ? all these are fact from Islamic Sources.
One love from Nigeria :nigeria::+1::blush::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

There are many ex muslim channels and people in India, the religion that eats kafir has to be thrown out, eating kafir ?? This is also not an insult, it is written.:joy:

Well said don’t insult Muhammad, wait where are we doing?? Is it insulting to talk about Hadith and Quran?

Muhamm@d was a hateful bigot cult leader.

when they say that Islam is the truth, it is just something they have learned to say that has been going on for generations. Is there any substance. or they can not answer the question when you ask them to tell you how Islam is the truth

:+1: You are doing a great job…! Thank u! :+1:

When you are driving fast is not a crime When you kill someone it’s a crime…!

When nonbelievers and skeptics, even Muslims attack Jesus Christ, although it may anger me with what they said, I find that it’s empowering because Christ is way above them and He is risen. Also He predicted nearly 2 thousand years ago that people would hate Christians on the account of Him, and that the World Hated him first. So when Christians can be Empowered in the shadow of the worlds hatred of Jesus Christ shows how powerful He really is in definite contrast to when someone says one negative thing about Muhammad, the Muslims community wants to chop your head off.
It seems that Muslims worship a sinful man more than the god they claim to worship.
Muhammad is a counterfeit of Jesus Christ.

about 25 worshippers were murdered today in the church while mass was going on. what kind of peace is that?

It seems that the hashtag is about an Indian politician saying something about Muhammad and Islam that is perceived as something bad by some

I do NOT want to say anything good about a pedo-phile, who had a relationship with a 6 year old child,
and then married her when she was 9, who killed MANY people, until they said on there knees, please
stop, i am now believe in Allah.

Bro You are wrong. You are studying in a wrong way. I can help you to understand as a Muslim. There is not such thing about killing or doing. That translation you are reading is wrong.

Seriously though stop insulting prophet muhammad and stop lying about him doing dirty things the quran is the only source of islam and never described muhammad as a dirty guy it’s actually the opposite

i mean if u want to actualy spread cristanity this is realy not the way u take things out of context provide faulse info use abusive language and i dont think anyone is turning cristian from watching ur videos unlike your arch nemesis dr zakir naik i personaly challange u to ask me a 15 year old muslim anything and ill answer