Strasbourg Terrorist Chérif Chekatt Is Dead (But His Ideology Lives On)

On December 11, 2018, a young Muslim named Chérif Chekatt shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, killing three, leaving one brain-dead, and wounding many more. On the evening of December 13, Chekatt was killed by French police. David Wood discusses the issue.

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“Pimp in the sky”, “Cosmic sex trafficker”…Wow David you certainly know to call a spade a spade…:clap::clap:

The French police were RACIST ! (Unlike the UK Police)

The press always focus too much on the victims. Just remember: for every victim of terror killed by Islam a moderate Muslim gets upset. Let’s not make his pain any worse by criticising his religion.

Firstly, shame about the Death of innocent men and women. But this video… Such fear and hatred. Jihad means ‘holy war’, I suppose. No it doesn’t. To engage in Jihad is to strive. And why don’t you refer to The Qur’an when you speak desperately about Virgins as a reward for killing people. Allahu Akbar!

Obviously not a Muslim (Chekatt). These so called false flag attacka are getting sloppier and sloppier. He was a known criminal, a thug. A Muslim never ever acts on part of God Almighty. Killing people… A Muslim? Please…

David, usually you have the Quran/Hadith references on the screen. Perhaps new viewers will want to look these references up for themselves concerning tongue and finger sucking, slave trading, cross dressing, child brides, etc.

god of Sex Trafficking

Such a culture: serbia+russia♡

Go visit a former concentration camp, if you can’t realize your hate is wrong you are doomed to repeat the past.

David you should talk about the Moroccan murder of two Norwegian girls, committed by several ISIS sympathizers. There’s a video online showing the murder, since you have your sociopathy maybe you could look at it and make a video on it? Especially on the silence by western media.

… and Then he ( the COWARD muslin ), went out and killed for that great Big Pimp in the sky. Perfect defenition of the COWARD muslins whom fallow the jihad or enemies of islam, when is THEY , themselves who made the enemies with these Barbaric and Tyrannic actions and behaviour.

Burn in hell you dirty dog!

David I don’t agree with mocking, that sounds like something Richard Dawkins would say, I don’t remember Jesus saying “mock your enemies” remember 1 Peter 3:15-16

Refreshing to hear the truth about the barbarous, dark age, economic migrants to the west, who demand we bow down and appease the murderous, pseudo religious, corrupt cult of mohammed the pedophile… Vote against the treasonous political pimps, who are determined to open our borders, and sell us out, too the cult of mohammed and the third world criminals and parasites!..

One quick correction. There is a difference between a Clip and a Magazine. I doubt very much that this murderer was using Clips. Instead he used Magazines and you should know that Magazines aren’t anything like Clips. Consult the internet for the appropriate corresponding pictures that will provide some insight for you.

We should find the brain behind the terror…

its seems that anybody can become a judge nowadays …

Did you see Chekatt shoot ? Did you hear anybody saying anything in that market ?
Do you have a report from a policeman himself ? Not from BBC, SKYNEWS or CNN.
Why can’t the french policemen help themselves killing " suspected " terrorists ?
Can’t we have a trial ? With the " suspected " gunman alive ? Alive to say what is going on ?
Why should i believe newmedia that tell me that fire brought the WTC down in 2001 ?
That 19 men were piloting airplanes that vanished like snow melts … why David ?
I left Islam ! Thank God ! But not because of those breakingnews regarding an attack …
on wich we have only what the media wants to tell us. That is to say LIERS.

The Spirit that leads islam is evil. But the Spirit that also leads the Media is evil as well.
I chose to believe Jesus. Not Islam, not The Times ,nor le Parisien.
Those who brought the Towers down are behind this " terrorist panic ".
Didin’t you see how french politics use those attacks ( from 1995 ) ? To unite people.

they don’t want Christ to do what He is doing : Unite mankind in the Faith in Him,
Son of God, God in the flesh, who died for Us.

Think about it, because Evil is smart. Don’t jump on the mouse when a bigger cat put it there.

Peace David

prayer Gh father strengthen,comfort n heal the broken hearted.
The lord will preserve him n keep him alive and will be blessed on earth,you will not deliver him to the will of the enemy.
The lord will strength him on his sick bed,on his bed of will sustain on his sickbed.
pslams 41:2 -3
condones n prayers.
i hope for those who lost their in France shooting were saved.:cry: :cry: :cry::persevere::wink::wedding::wedding::wedding::wedding::wedding::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: