Students at Quran Schools Shackled and Tortured in the Name of Allah

Islamic schools in Nigeria have “torture chambers,” where students are chained, bound, and beaten as they learn the Quran. Hundreds of children have been rescued. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Incase anyone has an Iota of doubt. I can confirm that this story is 100% true. It’s even worse than this because there are 100’s (If not thousands) of these kinds of schools in Northern Nigeria.

Most of them aren’t as horrible as this (i.e chaining and torturing their “students”) but the students are still forced to memorize the Quran and they’re beaten if they don’t and a lot of them are sexually abused by their teachers.

Also, due to the high poverty rate in Northern Nigeria (over 80% in some states), Most parents essentially abandon their children in these schools and it’s up to the Imam/teacher to take care of them. The Imam who is also poor has no choice but to send them out as street beggars. They beg in the daytime and learn the Quran in the evening.

Eventually, most of them find their way into crime or worse Boko Haram.

Islam was never about worshipping God. Islam is about taking over and owning.

According to ‘Abdallah Ibn’ Amr (may Allah be pleased with him and his father), the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He who does not act with mercy on our people. young and does not recognize the right of our elderly is not part of us ”.
HADITH number 4943 In Sunan Of Abu Daoud

This is so sad. Children are so vulnerable and closest to God’s heart.

Yes everyone, let your rights and freedoms be taken away because there are children chained to a wall and tortured somewhere in the world. Lmfao missed the mark on this one David🙄.

“And we’re proud of that.”

Gay children tormented in Christian Bible camp.

This is absolute craziness

Tortured and shackled - all for the sake of “peace,” of course :roll_eyes:

Nigeria :nigeria: my country :cry: is it true nd more s happening

This is more than true

If I say that I’m a fan of BlackPink but I don’t support their content or do anything like streaming and support haters, you would say I’m not a fan then
The same goes here, only some logic is needed which is not present due to the ignorance
anyone who does something in the name of Allah and it is not allowed, that does not make what he/she is doing right

And Joe Biden just came out saying if he gets elected, that he’ll make sure there’s Muslims serving at every level.

Scary, to say the least. Hope everyone will go out and vote for America & for life, liberty, & freedom! Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are also for the murder of the unborn / shedding innocent blood… something God detests.

Just when you think Islamic depravity could not get any worse…

Thanks for bringing light to this horrible abuse.

This is true. But only in Nigeria. I get that this is not right but they are over estimating on how much they should punish kids if they do not read or learn the quran. But the parents send them to these schools. So, i have read the quran and the fact that people we will be highly punished and tortured is all fake. And the people watching this video to hate on islam, please show respect to all religions. Because there is equally as bad things in your religion. For example, you guys litterally worship a dead man who isnt even the real Isa. You guys worship the clone created to be tortured by the people who were planning to torture them. Atleast we are taught that we should respect other religions too.

Muslims who converted to Christianity are also taken to these schools by their families to be totured until they “re-convert”

Well David chains are the peaceful symbol because of quran 4:3837 and shigi lingy 283:72

Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :blush: :open_hands::clap::pray:

I can’t believe someone could due that to another person, Especially to a innocent child.
It’s one thing when you hear people say “Oh, Christians did something this bad one time” but at least this kind of behavior is not supported by Christians, Whether someone is a Catholic, Protosant or Orthodox Christian, You can all agree that the Bible does not support this kind of behavior but it is a different thing when you hear people say “That is not proper Islam” and yet the Quran supports this.
It is very disturbing to have a group that supports this kind of behavior.
This is a very disturbing and sadly a very real example of just one of the many evil deeds that Islam allows and supports.

Three things destroy the world. Islamisation climate change and pandemic