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Several of you have been asking if I have a Patreon account. I do now! If you want to see more frequent videos, become a patron!

is this real? why would you used saitama your profile pic?

Proud to be a Patreon supporter of David Wood!

Brother David can I translate ur videos in Urdu n punjabi

The Kingdom of God is breaking into this world, smashing Islam and other worldly things into pathetic pieces. Us Christians are not on the losing side, we are winning the war. Us Christians have to stop being lazy and grow into sound biblical knowledge doing what we can for the Kingdom of God. Not all of us are called to do what David is doing but surely we can help him out. If David and his team can deter even one Jihadist form an attack, imagine what your reward will be in heaven.

God bless you David you are on right line

I love you David cos u straight forward and not afraid to call a spade, a u speak the truth. God bless you.

David Wood is a legend…keep up God’s work stud!!

Genesis 19:36-38

May God protect you, David.

brother David wood please translate your videos in to Hindi the language of India…and I promise atleast 10 million Muslims would be reached by you through Hindi …

the quran is perfected perverse in its corruptions…

sweden yeeah

david is the best

Hi David, I’m honored to help support your ministry!! I just recently discovered you. Thank you for loving Nabeel and standing so boldly for Jesus :heart: Signing up for Patreon now… Proverbs 28:1, you are bold as a lion!

praise the lord my brother

Hi David. Can you please give me your email id? I need to talk to you regarding something very important.

You might consider subtitling Indonesian language too, since Indonesia is considered the biggest (in number of muslim people per country) muslim majority country.

Thank you for your BRAVE endeavor David. God BLESS and PROTECT you, AMEN!
I dream of the world being free of islam teachings, and Youtube, you and all other anti islamic apologists, and all islamic sites themselves, COULD just make this happen, GOD SPEED.

Hello David, I want to support you and tried to do so through Patreon, but I keep getting a message that the site can’t process my credit card. Is there some other way I could support you financially? I came across your site a week ago and I haven’t been able to stop watching your videos, I have learned so much. I thought I knew Islam and I always believed that it was as our leaders say - a peaceful religion, that had been hijacked by terrorists, now I know that the original terrorist was Muhammad himself! Please let me know if there is another way I can give you monthly support because you are doing invaluable service to the world. God bless you.