Support Needed! Medical Conference Trip for Our Disabled Sons

We’re taking a trip to a conference where doctors and researchers meet with the kids and families affected by Myotubular Myopathy. If you’d like to chip in, here’s the link: Help the Woods get to MTM Conference!, organized by Marie Wood

God bless you my brother you got a beautiful family all of you are always in my prayers and heart.

His special God love him

you’re such a heavenly Dad. God bless you and your family forever, David <3<3<3

Why God sometimes give us a children like that?

Bless you sir and the family also Lord heal them completely. Glory to Jesus Christ.

God bless your beautiful family Brother. Feeling happy to see you all.

May God remember your family.Amen.


:disappointed_relieved: how you so postive with this kind of challenges


Brother I wish and pray the best for your children and every singe child in this world simply Angel’s

Let us know how and where we can assist your beautiful lil’ kids !
Although I do not share your Islamophobic ideology, I would like to assist you because of your kids !

Trips like this are invaluable. It’s where you will hear all sorts of information and make connections you never would otherwise. My daughter’s son has been able to go to two such gatherings for his condition (not related) and it was so encouraging.

May the Lord our God Bless your Family

I’m in nursing school and my goal is to share the love of Christ with my career - and not to forget or disregard patients like these nurses have done.

May our Lord Jesus Christ use your kids for his glory, God bless them!!! :heart: :heart:

If your boys aren’t cured on earth they will be in heaven! We were made for eternity. Come Lord Jesus! Your 2 oldest boys are the spitting image of you David. You must have been an adorable little snuggle bug too. God bless you and your family.

That a big lesson to everyone , that no muslim is bad, they support us christians in pain as much we support them
nobody have stone heard when it comes to hilliness, then the true face of humans appear.
So lets love each other instead of fighting.

God bless u and your lovely wife in Jesus Name!:pray:t4::raised_hands:t5::pray:t4: