Support Needed (Medical Equipment for My Kids)

GoFundMe Link: Help the Woods Get a Van Lift!, organized by Marie Wood

We need to install a lift in our van for our kids’ wheelchairs. The estimate turned out to be massively more than I expected, so we set up a GoFundMe.

Sebagai seorang manusia dan bapa saya bersimpati dengan en wood dan sebagai seorang muslim baru saya faham kenapa dia tersangat2 benci kepada Allah SWT dan islam kerana dia tahu yg mempunyai kudrat dan kuasa untuk menjadikan sesuatu ialah Allah SWT dengan Kata lain dia membalas dendam .Saya tahu dia akan dapat banyak wang dan dia juga tahu wang itu tak akan dapat membeli nyawa anaknya .

Best wishes David.

God is putting this on you, because he knows you can handle it.

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved.

If you need a professional Christian Nanny let’s talk!

Praise the lord :latin_cross:, May god bless you and your family. :pray:

May Allah SWT give Shifa-e-kameela and guide them and you with his true guidance, just humble yourself. Amin


So cool you got it done. Peace

Very soon all of your all 5 sons will need super special medical care

Praying for you woods. They are going to be completely healed in the name of Jesus. Amen.

howz the van coming

I spent many years building and fitting out vans for wheelchairs the most satisfying job ever especially when making deliveries and seeing the smiles God bless you brother

David kids suffering ??

Ups - you got 210000 Dollars for that - that´s ten times more. Not bad.

Praise God! Shows how God does wonders for His people who call onto him :raised_hands::pray: prayers for all who donated


I really wish I’d found this channel back then. :heartpulse:

David: “I wouldn’t take anything people gave me…”
Me: “Ok, prideful and silly but lots of people think like…”
David: “Like if they were having dinner and invited me I’d tell them I already ate.”
Me: “Ok, you’re right, that is odd.”