Surprise! adam saleh is a racist! (david wood)

Adam Saleh (of Adam Saleh Vlogs) likes to call people “racists.” But in his videos he calls African Americans “abeed” (meaning “slaves”) and translates the term as “gangsters.” In one video, he even repeatedly referrs to an African American man as “nigger.” Isn’t it odd that Adam Saleh and his followers spend so much time calling people “racists,” when they’re clearly racists against black people?

Here are links to the two videos I cited to show that Adam is a racist:



For the video I linked to at the end, watch “Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves”: - YouTube

For my last video responding to Adam, watch “#BoycottDelta? Adam Saleh’s Latest Plane Prank Exposed”:

Adam Wood dude stop with the ego your the biggist Islamophobic and rasist from what I’ve seen of your videos or as I calll them hate speeches!

I studied those verses. YOU ARE LITERALLY MISLEADING IN TRANSLATION. Such as an hypocrite youtuber. And you just can’t judge a person, you don’t know his real attention by heart. Also those verses are from Haddith.

That’s not racist… To this day whenever I’m in a public places, buses, planes and see a muslims in their dresses lot of things run in my mind…

Well… theres no racism in Islam I can guarantee you. It well known Islam phased slavery out (a sudden ban would have meant an economic collapse-slavery pre dated Islam and arab society was dependant on it)

All humans are descended from Adam and Eve,” said Muhammad in his last known public speech. “There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, or of a non-Arab over an Arab, and no superiority of a white person over a black person or of a black person over a white person, except on the basis of personal piety and righteousness.”

The number of slaves freed by some of the companions of the Prophet (saw) include: Othman Ibn al-Affan: 20 A’isha: 69 Abbas: 70 Hakim Ibn Hizam: 100 Abdullah bin Umar: 1,000 Dhul Kila’ al-Himyari: 8,000 (all on the same day) Abd al-Rahman bin Awf: 30,000 Total: 39,259 A slave would have been very expensive - equivalent to the cost of an expensive car or a flat. These seven companions released 39,259 slaves. The total number of slaves freed by thousands of companions would be a much larger number Source: Ma’ariful Qur’an Vol. 8, p. 38

The book says “غلام" not “abeed” and that means a boy getting close to age of puberty ffs😂 david wood ur a fucking idiot😂

Adam Saleh he’s not racist OK stop flying

YO! You ain’t have to say the hard r bruh he didn’t even say that. You making an example or a report doesn’t give you the right to blatantly say it either.

this man is lying…
to much lies against islam…
The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: ′′ There is no difference between an Arab, nor a white, nor a black, except with piety "

In islam there’s no difference
between people…

even in the hadiths he brought they said black slave because they are slaves …they just describe it
the prophet free all the slaves that time and encoarge people to do it …and thats why it slowly ends after islam spreads…

…it just reality there was slaves in that time black and non black…it just how that world was …
he lying so much about enslaving…
because islam encourages people of that time to free people

the word Abd …which he can’t even pronounce right was before the time of islam …its just a bad word from the Arab people before islam and prophet Muhammad…
if you know islam right…you will know that a black man who his name bilal was a companion of the prophet because the prophet free him and we believe bilal will be in the paradise …when two of the uncles of prophet Muhammad in Hellfire…

just stop lying and bringing a culture problem to make it like an islam problem…its a problem before islam and islam is the reason slavery stopped …

stop lying when you know that prophet many times warned people thats for God there’s no difference between people except by their deeds…

you hate islam that much to lie this much because people just ignorants and not knowing the history…

In the Arab world abeed means black

He is not rasist

You are completely wrong brother, prophet Muhammad did not buy slaves and make them to work he bought them and sold them the same day and give them all the money and profit that he made off of selling them and let them go free

If you’re going to go at David Wood you better bring your “A” game. :wink:

Funny how this man gets so much hate yet he has his comments turned on … Adam Saleh does not i wonder why !

It Is true that the prophets (pbuh) had slaves but was not bad to them

But why you used the n word ?

6:52 Mohammad predicted lil Nas song

Adam s not racist

Yes he’s definitely a racist asshole.

This man’s logic cuts like a razor. We are lucky to have him on our side.