Surviving R. Kelly and Prophet Muhammad (BBC Panodrama Interview)

Journalists are quick to condemn abusers, except when it comes to Muhammad. However, in “Surviving R. Kelly and Prophet Muhammad,” a groundbreaking BBC Panodrama interview, star reporter Miles Cowperthwaite presents his toughest questions to R. Kelly and the Prophet Muhammad. No stone will be left unturned, and no song will be left unsung.

Starring Jon McCray as R. Kelly, Vocab Malone as Prophet Muhammad, and David Wood as news reporter Miles Cowperthwaite.

For more on R. Kelly, be sure to watch R. Kelly & the First Christians: R Kelly & the First Christians - YouTube

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Bro you not a prophet stop it your embarrassing yourself

Petition to get David Wood, Whaddo You Meme and Vocab Malone to make Islamic covers of R Kelly songs


2:39 what song is that from lol?

Book of Grinch says Muhammad and Islam are sick. This is funny, but it is so sad too. PBUG!

Beat box was :fire::fire::fire:


Age ain’t nuttin but a number :fire::fire::fire:

Lol nice skit, great acting, God bless ya

Wow. Just wow no words to describe… Well played boys.

Meh man Mohammed is a pymp

Man, this is some of the most creative work I’ve seen anywhere! I stumbled upon Dr Wood several years ago and lost track, glad I’m back! Funny stuff! All his work is so educational for me!

Talking hands and talking feets… The dead can be raised from Slices of beef…

The moon emits light & it follows the Sun…
You can find no mistakes in the Q***nnnnnnnnn that would be great. Found it on Sye-Ten atheist channel


how did I miss this for over 3 months??? David, YT has started the same thing they had been doing with the other channels like Islam Critiqued - even though subscribers come in and hit the bell, we get zero alerts… I have had to re-subscribe even though I was subscribed since… I think almost three years ago? I can’t recall the exact date…

Love has no age

  • Muhammad, Peace be on me

Taking comedy by storm. You guys crack me up :joy: I will never get enough of you guys! :kiss::two_hearts:

These three together are unstoppable, amazing and hilarious force