Susan Wojcicki Reacts to Complaints from YouTubers

YouTubers have been complaining about the endless false strikes and channel suspensions from the YouTube Trust and Safety Team. In this video, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki reacts to the complaints.

For the YouTubers featured in this video:

Markiplier, “YouTube Just Gave Me a Strike…”: YouTube Just Gave Me a Strike... - YouTube
CoryxKenshin, “YouTube Gave Me A Strike & Won’t Tell Me Why”: YouTube Gave Me A Strike & Won't Tell Me Why - YouTube
LazarBeam, “YouTube STRIKED ME”: YouTube STRIKED ME - YouTube
TheQuartering, “We Are Going To Court Boys! My Channel Is In Trouble”: We Are Going To Court Boys! My Channel Is In Trouble - YouTube
Acts17Apologetics, “The End of My YouTube Channel”: - YouTube

My BitChute Channel: DavidWoodVideos
My Odysee Channel: Acts17Apologetics
My Minds Channel: Acts17Apologetics (@Acts17Apologetics) | Minds

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Yesterday, I got a strike for “Violent and Graphic Content,” on a video that didn’t contain a single second of violent or graphic content. I was banned for two weeks. Fortunately, my appeal went to one of the non-insane members of the Trust and Safety Team, so I won my appeal. But now, I’ve openly mocked the CEO of YouTube, so . . .
My BitChute Channel: DavidWoodVideos
My Odysee Channel: Acts17Apologetics
My Minds Channel: Acts17Apologetics (@Acts17Apologetics) | Minds

This Karen is dictator somebody remove her in office she is destroying YouTube and turning into “kid friendly”.

Hey Suze, I can find at least some disinformation in every single video you have posted right now on YouTube. When should we expect you to delete, shadow ban, or erase the entire site?

Oh and hey, I am curious why your advertisements, commercials, and promos (…that are running everyone off because they appear mid-sentence every ten minutes…) do not represent the demographics of the country, or even your users. Ah, probably just a coincidence, I mean you guys wouldn’t flood people with ads and “public service messages” featuring, in order of frequency of appearance: blacks, interracial relationships, women, gays, product images, Orientals, dogs, cats, cartoons, and white men…on purpose, wouldjas?

Susan Wabbajack

Susan WORSTjcicki is writing her own history as the worst YouTube CEO so far. She’s drowned to her own delusion. What a karen.

What movie is this in this post

Not saying we should but it be funny if someone fucked up youtubes servers for a week

This was good

Hey guys did you know that you can sign a petition to rid YouTube of Susan? Well you do now. I urge you guys to sign it right away.

Just to show you how really screwed up this is. Hitler has a fucking twin.

These tech dictators need to be dealt with the old fashioned way… pow.

The YouTube CEO Susan Has Gone To Damn Far And She Put Way To Much BS Ads And She Needs
YouTube Needs To Have A New CEO

I would love for you tube to bounce me. Would make my year. Instead they remove my comments because they don’t match their agenda. Propaganda machine up and running in Canada. SHAME

Chills fuckin chills

Susan CEO YouTube Needs To Go

They only react if it is a Big Youtuber

Don’t worry, when Steiner attacks, everything will be okay.

Anything females touch gets ruined

she just changed the inbox layout too! shes the worst fucking ceo ever & gotta go. why the hell cant she already?