Tablighi Jamaat Is Infecting the World with Coronavirus

Tablighi Jamaat (“Society of Preachers” or “Proselytizing Society”) is a Sunni Muslim missionary movement founded by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi in India in 1927.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19), Tablighi Jamaat held large gatherings in Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. These gatherings have led to outbreaks in other countries and territories, including Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Gaza.

While authorities in various countries are busy trying to quarantine members of the group in order to slow the pandemic, some Tablighis are resisting government interference, harassing nurses, and spitting on doctors. David Wood discusses the issue.

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:pray::pray::pray: thank you David…for being the voice of six billion people of this world who are targeted by one religion

Hey stop lying You are alive due to tablighi jamaat because we spread only love and guide people to a religion which is beloved to Allah (God)

Burn them alive
No spredders no corona

He says Coronavirus
I hear Quranovirus

Who brought it to america italy or spain asshole

Hello david…be safe.i know that you knew muslim are do all thing and wanted to destroy you! Be safe and i hope you would enlighten them…with your truthfull words.

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God told me that he wants you to commit suicide. It is His will. See to it.

I m from India. Yes everything DW said is true about Tablighi jamaat in India. They are spitting on Doctors and nurses, they are getting naked infront of female nurses. Peeing in bottle and throwing it around. Running away from the isolation facility. This is new Jihad

Supports of liberal media and celebrities never wanted this news to raise because most of funding are come form islam
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Now it’s reduced when government took strictly action against muslim who are spreading COVID19

In India they are the one caused for 50% covid case. They were behaved like corona jihad

I am from india.
This news is correct.

There are several commandments in our religion in relation to self isolation and quarantine. Do not listen to this hate preaching liar!

That is what David wood is. A true professional liar!

The BBC reports that Black and Asian minorty ethnic groups are 90% more likely to die of Covid19 in today’s headline article on the UK website bbc dot co dot uk/news/live/world-52568948.

Man man how can you forget that one fellow who brought a virus more deadlier than Corona, fellow called muhammad and the virus called islam