Taqiyya at the Oscars: The White Helmets vs. the Quran

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A short film called “The White Helmets” won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject. In his acceptance speech, director Orlando von Einsiedel read a letter from the organization’s founder Raed al-Saleh, who wrote that the White Helmets group draws its inspiration from the Quran’s claim that “To save a life is to save all of humanity.” David Wood examines the origin of this claim.

I love the way David Wood presents his arguments, showing on screen the verses from the islamic source.

stop lying at people and twisting facts.

for the meaning of the quranic verse it can be translated into what Saladdin did to the european Christians when he liberated jerusalm from the hands of the sanguinary murdererous treacherous crusaders who killed about 70000 innocent muslim people when they like thieves invaded and occupied jerusalem. those crusaders who claimed to have followed the instructions of this full-of-crimes book.

for the taqqiyah, it is a Shia practice. if you are clear enough with people you have to mention that Shia are true enemies of islam.

Anotther lie you mention that jews are israelites. this is completely historically wrong. you are trying to deceive people.

actually your mouth is full of lies and fabrications, twisting the truths to apply them with your beliefs. i can also say that all what is mentiond in the bible was stolen from Babylonians and Akkadians.

Thank you keep up the great work!

David Wood What philosophy is in Quran? If any?

The Holy Bible is inspired by God … 2cd Timothy 3:16 …the Quran is not

David is so smart :nerd_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What sense does it make to say that Christ died to save all of humanity ? Just a thought.

Islam is such an embarrassment to religion. Everybody, you MUST share this video with everyone you love. Keep them safe from Islam.

David Wood, the verse really means thus : If you kill a Muslim , it is as if you have killed the entire mankind. If you kill a non Muslim, it is as if you have saved the entire mankind. This interpretation only fits the Islamic ideology.

Too bad the White Helmets were staging fake rescues and not actually saving any lives at all.

In order for the westerners to understand what islam is, all you need to do is compare the book of Hitler (My Struggle) with the book of Muhammad (Quran). You will find the following:

Hitler expressed his hatred to all mankind except the Aryan race.
Muhammad expressed his hatred to all mankind except muslims

Hitler hated the Jews and killed them in his concentration camps and the survivors were enslaved to work in his factories.
Muhammad hated the Jews and Christians and killed them in thousands and raided their cities and villages and enslaved the women and Children and sold them as slaves.

The teachings and policies of Hitler and Muhammad are the same. So, why it is ok to print and distribute quran but it is forbidden to print and distribute Hitler’s book.

The qurans plagiarism needs to be pointed out more more and much more.

White helmets? Dave you’re delusional. They are horrors not saving anyone. You’re believing Hollywood??

How would Cain and Abel have known about polytheists when there were less than 10 people in world back then?

A crow was sent by Allah to teach him to bury the body? Sounds to me like Allah was aiding in sin​:joy::joy:

I watch a video as old as this one and see a new video being promoted at the end even after David Wood has gotten demonetized, so no significant monetary value from it and…