Tawhid Is Pure Paganism (LIVE with Anthony Rogers, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), proving that the Islamic doctrine of God (tawhid) is paganism masquerading at monotheism.

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smart move, Anthony, to read Church Fathers who wrote about islam! :slight_smile:

What absolute rubbish

What happened to the Tawheed series that Anthony began to do? We have thus far had only one video out of the “multiple videos” that we were supposed to see, so I have been wondering. :blush:

@Jonathan Hatfield there are three that bear witness in heaven GOd the Father God the Son God the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit There are three that bear witness n earth they are water spirit and the blood Holy Holy Holy is the LORD of Hosts GDDBEWITHYE !!!

As simple as it I am arab, can i be more intellectual in english grammar than those who are english native speaker, surely no.
So if anyone who want to judge QURAN meanings must first learn arabic because arabic language is very diverse were u can use metaphor and its grammar very special.

Second quranic verses and prophets statements are best understood by the companions since they were with him and when acting on the commands he will either approve or deny.

third quranic verses when revealed there is a story or an incident behind it, so some verses will be directed for that specific period and some can be applied forever, how to decide based on ur arabic background and the explanation done by the scholars.

These are the rules to judge quran. then u will notice there is no mistakes or conflicts like in the BIBLE

David make his follower fool… Tauhid means oneness of God… Shema mean oneness of God… If tauhid is paganism then shema will be a paganism too… Who teaches shema.? Answer :prophet Moses pubh… That mean Moses is a pagen prophet according to your logic… David you are just making your follower fool… You always misinterpret some thing…

This stream should have been called “Roasting Diva Girl for 2 hours” XD

don’t be sure you’ll be debating after the rapture…

Notice that muslims believe that God is all powerful and can do anything. So God can surely enter creation.

Tawhid is unification. The question is unification of what?

Hi guys!!! I really appreciate your effort and I praise God for your work… I know that you are showing us why Islam basically sucks, I got it, your are great at it, keep up the good work…and I am totally in owe with you guys. However I would like to understand the basics of Islam, like for instance, what is muslims’ doctrine, which are their holy books, holy places, who wrote what, when, where, why?.. this is in order to understand the core concepts of this religion, not only to crush it against the wall, but to understand honest people that believe in it and what the believe.

PS: You can keep crushing it against the wall… I really enjoy it!

On the day of Judgement I would love to laugh at both of you.

  1. we are all born innocent, into a sinful world. We learn of God of truth, our Father (creator). I am a man making me a son…
  2. we all learn to ask God of truth, to be in our hearts, and praising God 24 hours a day, (marriage, work, school, to be part of our lives in all) not only 3 or 5 times a day.
  3. When we die, we are taught the flesh is a shell, the soul is energy made from the word of God, as all things are made of the word, we continue praising God of truth, in the afterlife.

In all three God is the same God. God is my father, I am the son, and I also am made of the Word.

This is the trinity, Do you accept God our Father, into your heart 24 hours a day? I n life or death. If you do?
You are now a Christian.

Brother Rachid launched a campaign for Arabs who can compose better Suras than the Koran, check him out. you will laugh you guts out. Better yet, on You Tube there is a video called the readers of Koran imitations, where they use common songs in tune like the Koran and it sounds exactly as such. Very Funny

YES at the hour 1:06 Anthony mentioned the Christians reactions to Islam, Just read John of Damascus in his Fount of Knowledge .

Just in case, Arabic and Hebrew are my mother languages, SO… Tawheed in Arabic for those who do not know, means unifying many in one. Meaning that Mohammad, as his fellows described it, he unified all the pagan gods in one. while the Trinity is actually a triune, meaning three aspects of the ONE GOD.
In Arabic it is SOOOOOOOO Easy to debunk Mr. Ali and he would not stand a chance in debating either Brother Rachid or brother Waheed because both are Arabic speakers, that has nothing to do with my dear brother Anthony whom I respect and trust. also my dear brother David. God bless you all. Amen

Butt wipe palm leaf ???

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Good morning David Wood