Teacher Murdered after Student DREAMS She Committed Blasphemy: The Death of Safoora Bibi

After a student in Pakistan DREAMED that a teacher named Safoora Bibi committed blasphemy against Muhammad and the Quran, two students and another teacher attacked and killed Ms. Bibi. Are we allowed to criticize Pakistani blasphemy laws yet, or will we still be accused of Islamophobia?

#Pakistan #Blasphemy

Muhammad demands respect; Jesus GIVES respect
What’s the quickest way to Heaven? Go to Pakistan and preach The Gospel.

When will the West wake up and stop sympathizing with Muslims and Islam.

People are not worth the price

I just dreamt that the whole of Pakistan blasphemed about prophet Muhammed. So nuke it

Let’s never let the woke mob get this far, because this is exactly the slippery slope their ideology is on right now.

That guy ain’t a prophet

All politicians must be made to view your videos multiple times because politicians have poor memory

Islam is like an abusive man. People are afraid to leave. That’s why Muslims provide EVERYTHING another Muslim would need. If they leave, the no longer have family or any kind of support. Not to mention it’s the death penalty in Islamic run countries.

These man is designed to criticize Muslims
Alhamdulillah I am Muslim
I don’t follow Muslims I follow Islam and Muhammad pbuh
You are in exam hall and if you only criticize others if you don’t want to know the truth about creater if don’t worship creator Superpower almighty you will be failure in exam and hell fire forever

…lowers volume

It’s true as minority here in Pakistan we can’t even argue with someone even they are wrong or disrespecting the gospel but if you said something they will cut your head off

Allah prefers three against one, and men against women, for safety of the jihadi.

I wonder what the most offensive thing one could say to a muslim is?

Terrible, but at least they didn’t sing on a plane.

A “religion” that embraces any criminally insane person and helps them become the best psychopath they can be.

Great work

Islamists could set up a Department of Pre-Crime like in Minority Report.

Buddy the main person responsible for all this nonsense is George W Bush Jr. After 9/11 that bafoon went to a mosque and gave the statement “Islam is Religion of Peace” which is the biggest farce that has ever come from a person sitting in oval office… The Jihadis slaughtered so many in 9/11 and yet your Uncle Joe and aunty Kamal brought in so many Afghan Refugees from Afghanistan after handing it over to Taliban. Now these Afghans are going to breed on tax money of Americans and then slit throats of innocent people in name of Allah… Wokeness has its price and the Americans are going to pay a heavy one.

The idea that a dream can incriminate anyone under Islam itself is blasphemy. A prophet is anyone who Allah speaks to and Muhammad, police be upon him was the final prophet. For anyone to act on a dream admits that Allah is speaking to them, effectively making them a prophet, totally negates the “fact” that Muhammad, police be upon him, was the final prophet.