Tell Me About Your Favorite Channels!

I’m looking for a few good channels to promote before I nuke my own channel! Tell me what your favorite apologetics channels are and why they’re your favorites. I’m especially looking for channels that are underrated.

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I would higly recommand the Chanel of Lloyd de Jongh. He is an expert on Sharia Law, which by many muslims are the most denied and by scolars the most hidden teachings of Islam. Lloyd brings this out in the open by showing where we can find these teachings.
So in my opinion this information needs to be availabel for as many people as possibel. Excuse my English, I am from the Netherlands

trinity radio

Jerrell Conner…
Wait that looks like my name. Shameless plug, because the majority of my videos reach a very underserved section of apologetics.

Reaching artists, creatives, and the entertainment realm of believers. Bringing the light to many of those dark places.

I have a series of MMM (My Monday Musings videos tackling bite sized theological topics in under a minute. Topics ranging from
“what’s wrong with universalism / pluralism?”
“did god curse black people?”

My current series is a deep-dive into my post apocalyptic graphic novel “The Revelations” which I’ve been working on for 20 years.

I hope you are able to check it out, I believe it will be a blessing to you. :pray:t5:

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My comment supporting Dan Gibson explaining why the qibla direction changed 100 years after the praised one’s death was deleted from this post- all the more reason to promote him heavily- muslins can never discuss this!

Dr Gene Kim. He explains the Bible , Bible prophecy and focuses on false doctrine!! Very academic , Bible based and we’ll explained and excellently illustrated. He doesn’t need promoting but maybe someone here will see this and watch his videos and learn about the bible and come to their own conclusions about their church and what they are teaching them

christ defender she’s really good or real bible believers

I do video production work for Alex McFarland’s Truth for a New Generation channel. He has a daily radio show and a humble TV show on NRB that has never translated to a large YouTube following. He’s one of the most intelligent guys I know, and he is a great interviewer. We are just now posting all of his NRB interview shows on YouTube. Alex’s message is mighty and working with him has brought me back to the Faith.

Chicks on the right

God logic apologetics.

Sakshi apologetics network, India. They have less subscribers .They deal with islam, Hinduism, Christianity in popular languages across India(hindi,Tamil,malayalam).They have potential to reach millions across India. They teach and conduct intellectual debates. They spread excellent academic knowledge. Please promote it to reach millions in India who have not heard the word and Non resident Indians across the world.

Testify is a great channel!

David woods Channel

FritangaPlays or OhNoItsAlexx ^^

Inspiring Philosophy. Severely underrated but he’s always well-researched.

Christian Prince demolishes islamic lies and shuts muslims down

Christian prince 90k !!!

Inspiring philosophy, FOCL, Dr Craig.