Terror in Sri Lanka: Jihadis Target Christians and Tourists in Easter Sunday Bombings

On Easter Sunday of 2019, Christians in Sri Lanka gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Muslim suicide bombers from the terrorist group National Thowheeth Jama’ath saw this as an opportunity to kill as many Christians as possible, so they bombed St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo, St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, and Zion Church in Batticaloa. In an effort to disrupt the island nation’s tourist industry, jihadis also targeted three hotels.

In the past, we’ve been told not to associate terrorist attacks with the ideology of the terrorists. However, following the New Zealand mosque shootings, we saw leftists and Muslims using the attacks to smear anyone who has ever criticized Islam. Given the rule changes after the Christchurch Mosque Massacre, how should we respond to the church bombings in Sri Lanka? David Wood discusses the issue.

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They blamed PewDiePie, they blamed the most neutral person in the entire planet. The government is such a joke.

Kewin Owens

I’m a Srilankan Christian, I’m so glad you spoke on this issue, God bless you brother David.

Islam Is The Religion for Terrorist👍Nothing good come out from islam since pagan Muhammad🐖born👍

Allah is satan

That’s why people calls muhammad a bastard after the terrorist attacks continues bases on his teachings. izlam is really a worse cancer in the world, the world must come up to cure this cancer before it destroys the whole world.

Prophet muhammad is to be blamed

10:26 to 10:37 - well said David, well said. On another subject - as a Catholic, I’d like to see you in a serious debate on the Real Presence of the Eucharist with a serious Catholic scholar.

Support to every non Muslim
Sri Lankan brothers and sisters from India

This is a false claim. Oh wait a minute you are innocent then who attacked in New Zealand mosque??

Would you christians open your minds a bit why would the Almighty have a son , he is in no need of that nor the need of a wife. Essa (AS) was a prophet and simply a prophet

Allah said in surat ya-seen

“How regretful for the servants. No messenger ever came to them without being mocked”

This was reveled 1500 years ago yet you are still mocking your prophet fear allah fear the god of Jesus

Non muslims can live together because they are more open minded & their scriptures teach love not hate. No religions only Islam punish for those who leave its religion. This law is enough to prove that islam is a death cult. You can check in but can’t check out.

Islam scares the shit out of me, I wish it didn’t.

Thank You Act 17



God bless you. Very good work especially the background of all the church attacks in recent history. You can do more videos related to all such attacks on Christian places through out history.

Muslim LOVE Jesus too. He is in their book. A little bit "Explosive love’… BUT the Church is not in the BOOK.

I don’t know why any country would allow muslims to move in, unless of course there is a shortage of butchers. I regret the day our ancient kings allowed arab traders to settle in Sri Lanka. They have a hidden long term agenda to increase their population growth and eventually out number other faiths. I saw a US study predicting that by 2040 islam will be the biggest world religion . Stupid liberal politicians don’t understand this danger.