The Babri Mosque Controversy (LIVE with Hindu Historian, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with Hindu Historian at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing the controversy in India over the Babri Mosque (which was built over a Hindu shrine).

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As an Indian and hindu, I love Christians from the bottom of my heart! Also, in our country we just don’t want Islam other than it we want to continue to live with all the other religions with love and prosperity!

The Cast sustem is “Pure unadulterated EVIL”

This is wrong history
That property was in question since 1925 and the place has been closed for many decades bcoz of the court case!

And one thing I always fail to understand is why is it only the Semitic/Abrahimic religions who have problems with the rest of the belief systems? Particularly the Christians and the Muslims? I mean the Jews are the eldest among you guys but they don’t have any problem with any of the belief systems. And if we talk about Islam, it teaches to even hate not only their non Abrahimic counterparts but also certain Abrahimic counterparts like Judaism too.

Worst explanation of Hindu History by this “The Hindu Historian”… completely shocked by the way he is explaining it.

Quran is a copy of Bible. Just like chinese products

Super late, but man this guy’s hair is majestic! Reminds me of Luis XIV and European court fashion of the late 1600s.

There are going to be more such struggles because there many more important temples that were demolished and are revered by Hindus to be very very important for their faith, history and culture

Even the Archeological survey of India has come to conclude that there was construction before the mosque and there was architecture found resembling Hindu’s God…

This man hasn’t told the correct history for the demolition of Babri. It was not in retaliation to a train burning…this issue has been since the time of Britishers in India and was taken into courts since then because it is the place where Lord Rama was born and it had temple which was demolished by muslim invaders and a mosque was built over it. So this matter has been in courts many times and there was a movement build around it in 1990s when a Rath Yatra was taken out because Lord Rama was under a tent and Hindus has it all built up because they were fighting for their own place for more than 200yrs in their own country…so it was then that the mosque was demolished and not in any retaliation…this man is confusing it with 2002 Gujrat Riots that happened after muslims burnt a train of people who were coming back from Ayodhya from Lord Rama’s place.

A suggestion : explore about Vedic Cosmology by Swami Mukundananda.

You must interview Abhijit Chavda he is one of its kind, an ocean of knowledge😄

If you see what is written in the hindu scriptures says that, whoever born in Hindustan is a hindu, thats it… Just like If you are born in India you are Indian, in America then American, in russia then Russian.

Please seek better hindu than this. I’m also hindu but this hindu historian is very shy and inactive

No soy ateo y ese lenguaje “modernito” es detestable
Jajaja, es súmamente simpático que te parezca “detestable” tal lenguaje cuando tú llegaste de pesado y soberbio.
¡Para enmarcar!

Con los atributos de Dios, me basta. No hablo de ciencia, no soy positivista ni como los científicos ateos que detestan al cristianismo pero guardan en lo más profundo su moral. Solo partiendo de los atributos de Dios (uno, indivisible, eterno, perfecto e ilimitado) me hago una fiesta con la cristiandad entera
Jajaja. Simpáticamente ahora soltaste el libre albedrío cuando fue una de tus indicaciones más jocosas e ignoraste mi respuesta. Si vas a seguir tirando piedras y escondiendo la mano, no veo ningún beneficio de entablar una conversación contigo. Todo lo contrario, vaticino una pérdida de tiempo larga y aburrida.

Dios no tiene voluntad porque Dios nada quiere, nada necesita, nada le falta, de nada adolece en su eterna perfección
Jajaja, ¡este es tu nivel! Jajajajaja, me encantan los soberbios, son siempre los más horrendos al argumentar.
Indicas que Dios no puede tener voluntad porque nada necesita/adolece, etc… Esto es una falacia Non Sequitur. En ninguna manera se infiere que de de la proposición “A no necesita B” se implique que B carezca de voluntad. Sobre todo cuando filósofos cristianos como William Lane Craig indican que la voluntad sería la habilidad de hacer algo sin haber sido causado por otras causas distintas a uno mismo, pero ni siquiera aplicaría en las definiciones tradicionales.
Entonces, de primera instancia, ya cometiste un error lógico y es inválido tu razonamiento.

Dices que Dios no “quiere nada”. Otro error. Si Dios tiene la posibilidad lógica de decidir hacer X o ~X, entonces es tu comentario “Dios no quiere nada” es completamente irrelevante porque Dios tiene la posibilidad lógica Y metafísica de hacer X y tiene toda libertad de hacer ejercicio de tal habilidad. Obvio, esto en ninguna manera infiere que hacer X posea la propiedad de ser “necesaria” porque Dios bien pudo nunca hacer ejercicio de tal habilidad. De manera que “hacer X” no existe en todos los conjuntos de mundos posibles (hablo de lógica modal) y por tanto sería “contigente”.

Bonita tu “fiesta”, jajajaja.

Do you lot have any REAL idea what a polytheist actually IS???

It’s a sad state of India where the Majority (Hindus) has to Hide under a Stone so that the “Minority” folks belonging to the Stone Age religion can “Express” their “freedom”

Muslims always say that they pick/picked up weapons and do/did Jihad to avenge all the “injustices” Muslims go through around the world… If that was the case, Hindus went through 800 years of Islamic invasion. Hindus men and children were massacred, women were raped and massacred or raped and converted and used as baby producing machines. Our temples were destroyed and converted to mosques… As early as 1990 over 500,000 Hindus were thrown out of their own Homes in Kashmir by Islamic Extremists, hundreds of thousands were killed and raped and burned alive in a matter of few days. Even to this day, Hindu Temples are vandalized or destroyed, our Festivals are banned in Muslim majority states and cities, Hindus are stabbed and stoned publicly, Media doesn’t want to cover any incidents where Victims are Hindus and Perps are Muslims, Politicians and Liberals don’t want to shine light on these incidents either… The Islamic WAQF board of India has the power to take over anyone’s land/property and the original owner has NO right to fight for it even in courts. Hindus, by law, can only marry once but Muslims, by law, can marry upto 4 times (at the same time). Muslims reproduce like rats just for the sole purpose of increasing their population and expect the government to use our hard earned money (Tax) to take care of them! They cry victim for everything and yet they deprive us of our most basic fundamental right (and they are ONLY 15-19% of the population) … State governments across India have complete control over our Hindu temples and all the money generated from these temples are stolen by these Governments and used for things like running Madrassas (Islamic schools) among other things: State Governments pay these Islamic Priests a sizable salary every month (not counting the money they get from Islamic Non Profits, and other Islamic Countries) meanwhile Hindu priests in Temples and their families starve in poverty because Governments won’t pay them a salary and they just have to rely on money and food provided by devotees!
Muslim men practice Love Jihad where they prey on Hindu women by falsely claiming that they are Hindus, get these women to fall in love with them and then when it comes to marrying them, they force them to have an Islamic marriage. Then these men go onto their next conquest (remember they can marry 4 times)!
India got its independence in 1947 and for the next 30 years, all the Education ministers were Muslims who Glorified all the Islamic invaders in our History textbooks and completely omitted anyone or anything Hindu or just kept these Hindu kings as footnotes!!

YET, YET, YET - Despite 800 years of violence against us (to this day), us Hindus have NOT taken up arms to pursue “Jihad” against Muslims!!

From Bangladesh… I’m a Hindu (sanatan). I love all religions except Islam! The Muslim fundamentalists and Muslim secular ruined us… No difference between Muslim fundamentalists and Muslim secular