The Bible, the Quran, and Star Wars (David Wood and Vocab Malone)

Many people have no idea what’s in the Old Testament, the New Testament, or the Quran. In this video, David Wood asks Vocab Malone to explain these texts in Star Wars language.

Allah is the one true God. Jesus doesn’t approve of your Christian//Catholic blasphemous beliefs, nor does he approve of this video. SubhanAllah surely we will all be judged with perfect justice, and these 2 pseudo-intellectuals that you see on camera should be worried, unless eventually they seek Allah’s help, which they never will because they’re hypocrites. Don’t put this kind of bullshit into your ears guys, it clogs them. Then the shit goes from ear to eyes, se you may end up blind. Then from eyes to mouth, so only shit goes out. Then from mouth to heart, and a veil of shit is put over it. That’s these 2 ignorants’ situation. Walk towards what they’re saying (Satan’s words) or walk towards Allah which is the total opposite. Your choice.

Showing the public how dump and uncharismatic a person can be !! :sweat::joy:

Yeah but when will then be now.

Islam is Spaceballs. They’ve gone plaid! LOL

So that rumor of Spaceballs 2… would that be the Ahmadi Muslims? Would that make it “Ahmedi Muslims: The Search For More Infidels”?

Well, you know, there ARE two sides to every Schwarz.

LOL. Classic video.

Wow! Mad skilz!!!

I laughed at Spaceballs

Gut initial reaction: “That guy’s named ‘Vocab?’ I hope he has a good vocabulary.”

Wow . . .I never would have guest (smile). Hidden talent in everyone of us. You proved that well.

It is my first time to see someone who does beat box without covering his mouth and I find it awkward. But you did well tho.


lol…David Wood never do that… u were not born to beat box…omg

but space balls was good.

alright david, i see you. XD

lol Very nice! Star wars FTW!

This is funny as hell

Music= Satans Voice.

maybe you guys can beatbox in the hellfire together.

may allah guide you two

This video was really lame. It’s kinda like seeing someone’s dad trying to be cool.