"The Case for Christ" Movie Review

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Here’s my review of “The Case for Christ,” a movie about Lee Strobel’s journey from atheism to Christianity.

You should review The Chosen! Very interested to hear your thoughts.


I give this movie roughly a 6.5/10. I would’ve cut that subplot about the police officer, I think they should’ve gone into more detail about the evidence because it kind of seemed like they were jumping from one point to another. I think that certain characters like Habermas, Craig and so on should’ve had a more established background because they really only seem big because we Christians know that they’re big but what about the non-Christians?

Will " The case for Muhammad " be a fiction movie ?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terrible movie. Just a 2 hour compilation of different people’s opinions. It doesn’t have the effect the creators thought it would.

Damn! Seeing this video brought back memories of my ex that just ditched me for another guy few weeks ago… I remember sharing the trailer with her. We then both watched it and talk about it. I’m still not over her yet. May the Lord, our God, help me because I’m really struggling with this.
I thought she was special, that she was different… I’m really naive.
But you know what? Since November I’ve being praying asking God to tell me if she was the right one. One and a half month later she started to be cold and pushing away. She acted like she didn’t care anymore. Few weeks later she dumped me for this other dude… I guess I received a pretty clear answer to my question. I’m still wondering what was the point of making us meet, my Lord.
I’m still in the middle of the recovery and my mind keeps going back to her…

I read the book …twice.

Have fun, Don’t invite me😂

Watch “The Chosen” It’s the best ever!

The Last Temptation of Christ is superb

Kendrick bothers have made great movies worth seeing. “War room”, overcomer, courageous, Fireproof, Flywheel, to name a few. David AR White has made some good action films and also
God’s not dead.

It looks like you have a lots of fun making these videos, it is great to see. I love every second of them. Keep doing the God’s word brother.

But, why are these impersonations accurate? Hahaa

The Case for Christ?

Wasn’t that Judea PD’s first cold case? The drinks bill that was run up and put on tab at the last supper?

Yeah i dont like much christian films but this was awesome

Turns out there are tons of Ben Hur movie releases, which one are you talking about?

honestly thats a good way to control the mass media audience AND spread the good word

MAKE THAT MONEY FOR CHRIST!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Great u saw your own bias kept u from seeing how brilliant this film was however I thought there were some great bits of info left out …u cracked me up but this was honest…